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  1. pinkdolphin_113

    Caco3 Substrate In An Aquarium

    Hello everyone! I used to be a regular user of this forum, but I've spent the past few years dealing!   Anyway, cutting straight to the point, I bought the only true BLACK sand I could find on the internet (my area is terrible for aquatic item purchases you see), but it turns...
  2. pinkdolphin_113

    Caco3 In A Fresh Water Aquarium

    Cutting straight to the point, I bought the only true BLACK sand I could find on the internet (my area is terrible for aquatic item purchases you see), but it turns out that it is a substrate used for reptiles etc, and is made up of CaCO3. Ive spent a few years away from fish keeping, so a few...
  3. pinkdolphin_113

    Building A Cabinet

    hi everyone, im planning on building a cabinet for a 5x2x2 foot aquarium (maybe planning on writing a journal about it for it worth it?) and would appreciate any safety points or advice for it. construction will begin after new years...around january 15th time. Pink.
  4. pinkdolphin_113

    Amazonian Plant List

    i havent got a CLUE where to start when looking for plants. so, i was wondering if someone would be kind enough as to make a list of a few good amazonian plants for me...please :look: i know some will say "do your research, you're lazy student!" but i dont know where to start :unsure: maybe...
  5. pinkdolphin_113

    Photo Upload Size

    I've not been on this forum in a very long while and I forgot how small the photo has to be to upload is as a profile photo. I've just been sat resizing a photo for the past 20 minutes just so I could have it on my profile lol stupid I know but I just feel a larger sized photo would be a little...
  6. pinkdolphin_113

    Who Ever Said Plecos Are Terratorial?

    wow is all i can say :hyper: im sure people claim plecos to be solitary and terratorial over space... ...but! pink.
  7. pinkdolphin_113


    i bought a microworm culture on friday and put in on some cooked porridge. i made 2 jars and placed them in my warm airing cupboard. problem is, there are only a few microworms on one of the jars! i counted about 6 at maximum and i dont know why this is. the other jar has no microworms on the...
  8. pinkdolphin_113


    I am planning on starting an infurosia culture using potato peelings in a jar of 1 litre of water. I understand sort of how it works but, as usual, have a few questions. I kno this will smell bad, so am I gonna be able to cover the top of the jar with cling film? Also, as it will take a week...
  9. pinkdolphin_113

    Snail Problem!

    i am over run with trumpet snails to the maximum!! i put some cucumber in the tank, and took out a trillion and something...but they're ALL back again!! i only started off with 3!! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: whats the best loach to use which would solve my problem...
  10. pinkdolphin_113

    Methyl Blue

    My corydoras have just spawned, well one of them anyway. Ive managed to move all the eggs to my hatching and raising tank. I put some methyl blue in this tank and it has turned the water deep blue. The eggs are on a llittle glass plate at the bottom of the hatching and raising tank. my...
  11. pinkdolphin_113

    I Have Not Taken Photos In Such A While!

    here we go. here's the tank, had to take it with my phone camera; here is my bamboo shrimp; im hoping to get some more... any ideas on what I could get which would be easy to keep? some pics of my black phantom tetras... not all have coloured up :S ; 1 of my 4 bristlenoses; and...
  12. pinkdolphin_113

    Using Yeast To Produce Co2

    i have just bought some "bread yeast" (by hovis lol) which i assume is the same as normal yeast. it says this stuff can be used without being activated, i also assume that is the only different however i will be activationg it in water anyway. now for the questions. i figured, as its the first...
  13. pinkdolphin_113

    Breeding Bettas

    im pretty new to bettas, meaning ive kept a few in the past but the novelty was gone within a few weeks. but this time, i really fancy breeding a different variation of a betta. ive been trying to find an average price for a crowntail...with no luck. can anyone help me here? i do have a problem...
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    someone told me i should start putting these up on facebook so i thought id put them on here too as most of them involve fish lol :fun:
  15. pinkdolphin_113

    Christmas Present

    i have a vietnamese lad in my college who i have become very good friends with lately and i would like to get him a fish. i brought the idea up lastnight as a joke, knowing he knows how obsessed with fish i am, and he said he would love a fish because he would appreciate the company :-( he came...
  16. pinkdolphin_113


    im going to be getting a tattoo in the near future but cant find a picture of what i would like. im planning on getting 2 angelfish, one behind the other, on the side of my leg about half way between my ankle and knee. i was hoping someone on here might be able to help me gain a good quality...
  17. pinkdolphin_113

    Attempt At Breeding

    okay, so, the first time my corys spawned, i thought it was due to me using RO water. I was unable to do water changes for a few weeks because someone tried stabbing me with a glass bottle (lol) on a night out which i had managed to stop by sacraficing a huge part of my skin on my hand :angry...
  18. pinkdolphin_113

    What Do We Have Here?

    hi all! im a total novice to inverts and have no idea what i have bought :look: they look pretty cool, i thought to myself as they were sat there in the lfs holding some fans out in the water. i bought 2 for £4.50 each but have no idea what they are! lol i kno they are shrimp of some sort and...
  19. pinkdolphin_113

    What Are These?

    i was just looking into my breeding net for my one remaining baby cory sterbai (dont kno where the other 2 have gone :/ ) and i found these; a closer look maybe needed. i have absaloutly no idea what they are! they aren't stuck on the net or the glass. i quished one to see if anything would...
  20. pinkdolphin_113

    What Could I Use To Divide My Tank?

    i am planning on encouraging my corydoras to breed again in the near future but i also have a pair of kribs in the same tank which eat the eggs before they go hard. i am hoping to divide the tank, next time, so the corys are on one side and the kribs and tetras are on the other. this could also...