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  1. Gazzaeng

    What Led?

    hi can anyone help im looking for some led lighting for my 8ft tank i have a budget of around 600 for the lights they have to be programable etc. im getting completly confused with what type i should have it will be a fully planted tank. ive been looking at the evergrow it2080 range does anyone...
  2. Gazzaeng

    90L Planted Adventure

    Hello and welcome everyone. I've got an aquaone 620t and just in the process of setting it up. I have had tropical before but got carried away and just threw bits in overstocked my tank and generally didn't know what I was doing. Well hopefully it will be different this time. I currently have...
  3. Gazzaeng

    I'm Back

    Hello everybody. I've just got myself an aqua one 620. I've had tropical before but a while ago now. I currently have a 600l marine tank but wanted to get back to tropical so aswell. I'm still not so good on levels and the technical side but I done ok before this time I want to get into...
  4. Gazzaeng

    Any Good Aquamarine 900

    Hi I'm thinking of getting the aquamarine 900 can anybody give me some advice I have been offered one at a good price I have read some reviews about it. I have a tropical tank but have no experience of marine so I want a tank that is good for beginners I will eventually get a bigger tank with a...
  5. Gazzaeng

    Best Co2 Diffuser

    Hi can anyone help I have just brought a jbl co2 kit but I have been reading the co2 diffuser isn't the best. Can anyone recommend a different one that is better!
  6. Gazzaeng

    New Member

    Hi just like to say a quick hello. I'm relatively new to all this I have 240 l tropical tank had it for about 5 months now! I'm sure I will need lots of help along the way! This is my tank hope u you all like or any comments welcome.