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  1. Dreamer03

    Jawfish In 10 Gallon?

    20g should be fine. And yellow heada are cute. But yeah RRaquariums knows more than i do
  2. Dreamer03

    Just Showing Off My Wood

    I approve of this!
  3. Dreamer03

    Help Me Trick Out My New 5G

    Sounds like a cute idea. I always want sand waterfalls in tanks. So i would say add one! But yeah i can see how it night nkt be a good idea in a 5g...
  4. Dreamer03

    New Betta Saber!

    It just haa to happen. Lol. And now he is happily swimming though te fake plants. I need to figure how to get him out when his tank is set
  5. Dreamer03

    Jawfish In 10 Gallon?

    I would also go with a goby if you stay with a 10g. But what jawfish you got in mind?
  6. Dreamer03

    New Betta Saber!

    So i went to the lfs to actually get some blood parrots that were in adoption but they were taken. And some person ditched this guy. And i couldnt leave him. So this is Saber! Spongebob stuff is my sis doing. He will have his own tank free of spongebob stuff soon.
  7. Dreamer03

    120G Tank Fish Ideas?

    I will see what cichkids my lfs has. Thanks for the ideas!
  8. Dreamer03

    230 Gallon Reef Tank.

    Told you that you would end up with a yellow tang!
  9. Dreamer03

    120G Tank Fish Ideas?

    As long as they dont fit in there mouths it should be fine right? Like i know any slender fish would be a big no.
  10. Dreamer03

    My Stupidity At Times.

    I still need a video of you getting inside the tank to catch that fish.
  11. Dreamer03

    New Chatroom Moderator

  12. Dreamer03

    120G Tank Fish Ideas?

    So I am going back to freshwater fish. I want to go buy the tank today. And get it ready to start cycling. My plan is to get 6 blood parrots, 20ish skirted tetras, and like 20ish cory cats. Should i keep that has my full stock or what else should i add?
  13. Dreamer03

    230 Gallon Reef Tank.

    And i keep approving of this tank!!
  14. Dreamer03

    Baby Margarita Snails

    Pretty much what i am doing right now. A few have died but there is still a lot of them left. Lets see how it goes and thanks!
  15. Dreamer03

    Baby Margarita Snails

    I just noticed I have lots of baby snails in my tank. Since the only snails i had before were margarita snails i assume they are that. Is there any special care for the babies or will they just eat algae like the older once?
  16. Dreamer03

    Fish Identification

    I was pretty sure it was a goldfish...
  17. Dreamer03

    Thinking Of Doing A 100Gal Fish Only?

    I have a fish only tank (very little live rock) i just have has "extras" the protein skinner and the powerhead. I have no sump or refrigum and I use LED lights but if you have no live rock or corala any light ahould be fine. And has stayed mollies can be acclimated to saltwater. I do have a nano...
  18. Dreamer03

    Marine Velvet Disease And Freshwater Dip/ Copper Treatment

    So I have had Marine velvet Disease twice in my tank. The firs time i thought it was ich and I tried to treat it with icy medication which had a not happy ending for my fish. This second time my damisel started to show symptoms which I thought was icy so I quarantined her. With help of another...
  19. Dreamer03

    I Will Not Be Keeping Fish Any Longer

  20. Dreamer03

    2014 Pet Of The Year Winner