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  1. Baker

    Question about Dalmatian Molly's

    It's hard to sex the, with these pics because the anal fin is clamped down. You should notice when they are swimming around with the bottom anal fin spread out that the males fins are more of a needle or cone shape while the females are broad and wide like a hand fan. They can have a dozen or so...
  2. Baker

    bubbles of tank surface

    You need to list off everything about your tank to get an answer. What liquids do you add What fish are in there How long established Any bubblers What type filter Etc
  3. Baker

    Plant tank

    There is no "best" between those two options because they're both inert. Neither will have water chemical changing properties and neither will have any organic nutrients to help he plants, so here boh aesthetic really. One thing to note is that the finer the substrate the harder it is for plants...
  4. Baker

    What is wrong with this fish and how can i make it better?

    What he said. ^ Also, yes if you can qt now then I recommend it. Whether you get a test kit or not isn't the important part, the important part right now is just to test the water, whether you buy your own and do it or take some to your LFS to have them do it. I suspect you will be at or around...
  5. Baker

    Pleco died, new to hobby please help!

    Have you kept a close eye on the temp of the water at night? Does that radiator next to the tank run at specific hours? It could be over hearing your tank but I feel like you would have already known that if that were the case. Unfortunately beyond that it's hard to advise you on what to do...
  6. Baker

    What is wrong with this fish and how can i make it better?

    It would also be helpful to know what is in your tank and how long it has been in there respective to the order you added everything.
  7. Baker

    What is wrong with this fish and how can i make it better?

    Possibly a pregnancy gone wrong? It looks infected which means most likely bacterial. If your water parameters are stable and your water is hard (which it should be for mollies) then I suspect it was introduced into the tank by any recent additions. First make sure your amm, nitrite, nitrate...
  8. Baker

    Newbie HELP - Betta with swim bladder disorder

    Yes, it is being caused by something else if your pea remedy had no effect. (Which I disagree with Nick and think peas are just fine)
  9. Baker

    Disappearing Gobbies

    I'd say your guess is probably right. The algae eaters get quite aggressive as they mature. But it's confusing that you can't find any remains at all. Is your background heavily planted? The algae eater might be killing them in the heavy plants and maybe the bodies are down in there? what kind...
  10. Baker

    Please help

    I'd say she probably still has at least 2 weeks. Guppies gestation lasts about a month so it isn't a horribly drawn out process. As she nears her birthing date the stomach will inflate quite a bit more, you'll notice the stomach kind of flatten out near the front of the chest so it will look...
  11. Baker

    Newbie HELP - Betta with swim bladder disorder

    Seems like you're doing everything right so far. Just make sure you're keeping your water pristine and not over feeding. The only other advice I would try is adding some salt, which you will want to read up on a bit so that you know what you're doing with it. Also it's pretty common for betas to...
  12. Baker

    fish suggestion wanted

    He municipal company is legally obligated to answer your inquiry if you call their HQ or office. Rosy barbs are pretty long finned schoolers. They get larger than some of the more common barbs and tetras and are pretty docile barbs. Tiger loaches are always a staple, as are rainbows. youve kind...
  13. Baker

    new food very tiny- how much should i feed?

    A tiny pinch with the tips of your finger is plenty once a day. I have a school of 12 corydoras pygmaeus and feed a food similar in size. I take a tiny pinch as I just mentioned and it often turns out to be way more than I need. Ideally for my 12 fish I would drop in maybe 20ish pellets but I...
  14. Baker

    From 10 gallon to my new 50 gallon, here we go!

    If you do plan on adding some cories I would highly recommend corydoras pygmaeus. I've been keeping them for the first time for about 4 months now and they really add slot of life to the mid half of the tank. They're are also very small so they or the other Pygmy Cory species would be an ideal...
  15. Baker

    From 10 gallon to my new 50 gallon, here we go!

    Looks like a good start. One thing though, it looks like you may have planted some java ferns in the sand? I would recommend tying or gluing them to your driftwood or some rock fixtures etc as burying the rhizome on the java fern will cause it to rot and die off. At the base of the javafern is a...
  16. Baker

    Abf tank mates?

    Stick with something that's going to spend as much time as possible on the bottom of the tank. ABF are way too aggressive to share space and 36 gallons isn't a big enough footprint to allow anything else a safe area to live. ABF are also hyper sensitive to movement so something docile and...
  17. Baker

    Fishless Cycle

    I recommend stopping the ammonia, letting the spikes dissipate and then changing out the water to remove nitrates
  18. Baker

    Bacterial infection?

    I'd say bacterial too, just must be immune to the meds
  19. Baker

    Please help me with my mollie

    This isnt a post that provides enough information to elicit a productive response. We need more to go off of.
  20. Baker

    From 10 gallon to my new 50 gallon, here we go!

    You can run the filter as soon as you put in water. I would also put the plants in there too, they aren't gonna effect the cycle, and they help clear your tap water as well