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  1. PorkWellington

    Orange Seamed Plec Being Molested By Guppies

    Hi Folks....   It started with a pregnant (I believe) guppy paying far too much attention to our orange seamed plec... then swimming off with and sucking in a championship length of poo - a streamer - a couple of inches....   This seems to have encouraged quite a crowd - with the rest of the...
  2. PorkWellington

    Skunk Cory Turning White

    Hi there fish folks....   I installed 4 skunk corys in my 125l fish tank 2 weeks ago....   The tank has now been running for about a month with a few guppies and a plec.   One of the skunks appears to be losing its colour and not as active as the other 3 - please see pic.....   The ammonia in...