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  1. RobRocksFishTank

    Blue Ram

    I've been trying to get a decent shot of this guy and this is the best I've gotten so far. His head is out of focus and the rest of him is just good enough to show his spots.
  2. RobRocksFishTank

    Naturally Filtered Pools

    Check out the schematic on the filtration. Look familiar?
  3. RobRocksFishTank

    Heat Waves And Cooling Water

    In light of the unusually high temperatures in the UK, there are a number of threads asking about cooling fish tanks. Instead of responding to every one, I've decided to start one with my advice about the topic because, some people here are a bit sensitive and get offended by my direct approach...
  4. RobRocksFishTank

    New Community Tank

    Good news/bad news scenario here.   Bad news is I have to let go of my 120 gal tank that I just acquired this past winter. I have a small house and it's just too big.    Good new is I am downsizing to a 33 gal flat back hex and going back to Africans. I am transferring the sand and two filters...
  5. RobRocksFishTank

    Banning Sales Of Inappropriate Exotic Species

    A recent thread about the purchase of a Pacu, that was misidentified by the distributor as a Silver Dollar and then again by the consumer as a Piranha got me thinking about this. There is no real question here. I'm just looking for some thoughts about the topic.   Throughout the years, bans on...
  6. RobRocksFishTank

    Blue Ram Pair

    Just a little celebration here.   I picked out a pair of Blue Rams this afternoon. They were on sale and looking really good. This store almost always has nice ones. They've been in my tank for no more than a couple hours and they have paired up and are slowly exploring every inch of my four...
  7. RobRocksFishTank

    Fish Myths And Weird Facts

              Rather than hi-jacking a thread, I thought I'd continue this in a new one.   I can not provide any good evidence nor do I plan on doing a study to prove that it can happen with swordtails, but I have seen it. Having worked in one of the largest fish departments in the state for many...
  8. RobRocksFishTank

    Mistakes Made/lessons Learned

    Most of us have made some mistakes for a variety of reasons as we learned how to properly take care of our charges. Be it misinformation, misconceptions, or plain old mistakes. Some were costly, some messy, some just made us ask ourselves, "What was I thinking?" I started at day one with my...
  9. RobRocksFishTank

    Full Spectrum Led Lights

    I'm new to using LEDs in fish tanks. In the past I've used a variety of "full spectrum" fluorescents and like them very much. I recently bought a couple of very inexpensive submersible fixtures to mount via suction cups to the underside of a glass canopy. I went cheap as I wasn't sure how it...
  10. RobRocksFishTank

    Online Photo Competition - Patented?

    Check out this trivial law suit concerning online photo contests.
  11. RobRocksFishTank

    Rob Rocks 120 Gal Fish Tank

    Alright, I'm liking this forum, so it is time to start this thread.   This is my first tank in over 7 years. It is also the biggest one I've done at home by almost three times. I started with a 10 gal. and have done SA Cichlids, African Cichlids, Discus, and salt water. For some reason, I've...
  12. RobRocksFishTank

    Biotype Water Conditions Vs. Breeding Water Conditions

    Okay, I know this topic can get heated. Let's try to keep it on an even keel, so that the thread can be open and informative.   I've taken care of lots of different kinds of animals, When it comes to captive breeding, evolution takes over and the animals change over generations adjusting to the...
  13. RobRocksFishTank

    Opening Tff Goes To A Page About Wireless Routers - Warning

    Since day one of looking at TFF, I have always seen a web page with information on it about wireless routers. Going back and re-click TFF and I get here. In the beginning I thought it might be temporary but it has persisted. This happens on two computers in different locations using Win 7 and...
  14. RobRocksFishTank

    Mid Cycle Question

    About 9 days since 2nd feeding at 80 deg F.   Ammo - .25 ppm Trites - 5.0+ Trates - ~20   This is a 120 gal. freshwater community tank and will be stocked lightly to start and slowly populated from there. Planning on some live plants.   Can I do a water change (hoping to speed up cycle) or just...
  15. RobRocksFishTank

    Finally Back At It

    Hi all,   Long time fish fanatic here. It's been about 8 years since I've had a live tank. I just got a new to 120 gal. tank and stand. It's up and running a fishless cycle. I was originally going to do an African Cichlid tank but have just changed my mind and am going with a freshwater tropical...