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  1. 1234-fishy-freind

    Possible Marine Starter!

    Hi raptorrex. Myself and my other dedicated marine aquarists also have similar views about the benifits of keeping captive bred stock, and there is a market to suite such people needs. Many clownfish species are now captive bred, from perculas, to marroons and tomatoes. Other captive bred...
  2. 1234-fishy-freind

    Nano Reef Lighting

    Hi guys. I know some of you rarely go over to the marine hardware forum yet one of you might be able to help me out with a post I have there. Here is a link to it. Much appreciated. josh
  3. 1234-fishy-freind

    Nano Reef Lighting

    Hi guys. Im thinking about setting an old tank as a nano reef. Reef keeping isnt new to me as ive been at it for four years now, but i do need some lighting unit/d.i.y adivce. I want to run 2 18w compact flourescents but i dont want to have to buy an entire light unit light the ones found of...
  4. 1234-fishy-freind

    Looking For Coral Ideas

    Got 4 54w T5's, tank is 80 UK gallon.
  5. 1234-fishy-freind

    Looking For Coral Ideas

    Hi guys. Im looking for some ideas and inspiration to fill my tank out with. I would like lots more corals but im stuck as to what to get. Im running t5's at around 2.8wpg and my current lps (branching hammer) is doing really well. (id also like a new fish too :P thinking about a pair of...
  6. 1234-fishy-freind

    Adding Live Sand To An Established Reef

    Hi guys. I'm going to add some more sand to my tank for my wrasse to burry in better and because it's very shallow in places and I'm not keen on that look. I was wondering though if you can safely add live sand to an existing set up?? Thanks Josh
  7. 1234-fishy-freind

    Really Usefull Ipod/iphone App

    Hi guys. Im a reefer so dont often come to this side of the forum but I thought I would share this with you guys too! Found a really usefull free app yesterday. Its called iTank calc and works out the volume of regtangular, hexagonal and cyclinder tanks in US, UK gal and liters. So if youve got...
  8. 1234-fishy-freind

    Handy Ipod/iphone App

    Found a really usefull free app yesterday. Its called iTank calc and works out the volume of regtangular, hexagonal and cyclinder tanks in US, UK gal and liters. So if youve got an iPod touch or iPhone, check it out. Really usefull tool! josh
  9. 1234-fishy-freind

    Maintaining Correct Parameters

    Its over three years old now. Ive corrected the kh with seachem reef builder so its no longer an issue. Just going to have to dose it occaisonly to keep it in check. It will also stablalise ph at 8.3 after continuous use. Just steadily raising Mg to about 1300 now which wont take too long as im...
  10. 1234-fishy-freind

    Maintaining Correct Parameters

    Hi ben Its red sea coral pro salt. There's a toadstool coral, finger leather, 1 fury mushroom colony, clove poly colony, pussy coral and a lone green stripe mushroom. Fish wise: -lyrtail anthais -8 blue damsels -cinamon clown -lipstick tang -leopard wrasse
  11. 1234-fishy-freind

    Maintaining Correct Parameters

    When I do a water change etc you mean? At sg of 1.026 they're: Ph 8.3 Ca 560 Mg 1440 KH 11.
  12. 1234-fishy-freind

    Maintaining Correct Parameters

    Hi guys, in need of a bit of advice. My parameters arent bad, but some things do need tweeking slightly. Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0-5 pH - 8.0-8.2 Phosphate - 0-0.1 Calcium - 500 Mg - 1100 Sg - 1.024 KH - 5 The ones which need tweeking are of course my KH which is low and my Mg. pH...
  13. 1234-fishy-freind

    Want An Anemone

    Hi guys. I'm thinking about getting a bubble tip anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor or similar. I just want to know if you think my lighting is strong enough. My tank is around 80gal and I'm currently running 4X 54w T5s. Is this enough?? Thanks, josh.
  14. 1234-fishy-freind

    What To Add Now?

    Hi guys Im after some fish suggestions. My tank is just under 100UK gal, not including the sump. So far Ive got a shoal of 8 blue damsels, 1 cinamon clown, 1 lyrtail anthais, 1 leopard wrasse and 1 lipstick tang. Im thinking ive got room for maybe 2-4 more fish, size dependant of course. Since...
  15. 1234-fishy-freind

    Tmc V2 120 Skimmer Help

    Is it a new skimmer or has it been running for some time? I had a similar problem with a tmc v2 skimmer. I was running fine, then one day it stopped making micro bubbles, just big ones. I tried various ways of cleaning it, cleaning the pump, venturi ect and couldnt get anything out of it so in...
  16. 1234-fishy-freind

    What Fish Shall I Add

    The display is 60" x 18" x 23".90UK gallons / 407 Litres. I like marine bettas but theyre unsafe with shrimp so it wouldnt be suitable for my tank. josh
  17. 1234-fishy-freind

    What Fish Shall I Add

    Hi guys. Ive got a reef tank with 115 gallons of water including the water in the sump. So far ive got 8 blue damels, a blue star leopard wrasse, a lyretail anthais and a cinnamon clown. I want a nice feature fish which I have decided will be a leuitenant tang. So, what else do you guys think I...
  18. 1234-fishy-freind

    Quarentine Tank Filtration

    When we purchase new fish it is reccomended that we quarentine new fish purchases for a minimum of around 4 weeks to check the fish are eating well and so if any diseases arise, they can be treated with much greater ease. But how do you go about filtering a quarentine tank? You obviously cant...
  19. 1234-fishy-freind

    Replacing Ro Unit Membranes.

    Theyre all six months old. I will just replace the carbon and sediment then for now. Thanks :) josh
  20. 1234-fishy-freind

    Replacing Ro Unit Membranes.

    Hi guys, I've got an RO Man RO unit and the time has come to change the membranes, but which ones do you change? All 3, just 1, just 2? Any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks josh