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    Tang Tank Questions

    ok, still considering converting my current community 29gallon to the tang set up, and loads of really useful info on here. But I have a couple of questions that I cant see the answer too. Help much appreciated! Obviously a tang tank doesnt have to have plants as this is not their natural...
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    Fish Id And Suitability

    Can anyone id this fish please, looked interesting in the lfs in the tang tank. I am guessing its a type of Neolamprologus, maybe mustax? If so these seem pretty ideal to include in my Tang setup (if &) when i convert my 20/25G community tank! Provided they have no nasty bad habits or need to...
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    Changing Tank Setups

    hi, currently got a nice set up of community fish but interesting in moving to a rift lake setup with the current tank. obviously i would need to start from scratch right down to the bare tank as I am not allowed/do not have space for a second tank. :) I am sure this is a common occurence in...
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    Julidochromis Gombi

    hi there, just seen what I think are some of these in my lfs, they were only about 1 inch long, is this their adult size or are these just juvenilles? I have been thinking about converting my 30in tank from a community to shell dweller/tang tank and these look very nice fish. But there doesnt...
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    Giving Up On Gourami's

    it's a shame, but I am going to give up keeping gourami's. they are nice, but just seem to get ill too often when trying to breed them. I have thick lipped gourami's, and whenever I introduce a male to my females, or females to a male, they have fun doing what they do, and then after a couple of...
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    Cory Nanus

    just seen some in my lfs, well labelled as nanus anyway. I thought these were no longer available in the trade? anyone got any photo's so I can compare?
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    Brush Algae

    hi all, Ok, I have a brush algae infestation in my tank. Not quite sure why it has appeared, probably a combination of some direct sunlight in my tank lately, stopping using flourish excel for a few weeks and then starting again, a trim back of some of my plants, an over stocked tank. Anyway...
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    Thick Lipped Gourami Belly Swelling

    hi, I have 4 thick lipped gourami's, 2 males, 2 females, and they have all been getting steadily plumper, no worries there, just figured breeding condition, as they have been making bubble nests and courting and someone on here did tell me that the females do look pretty plump when in...
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    Thicklip Gouramis Are Nest Building

    Hi, One of my male gourami's has build a big bubble nest and is tending to it nicely. However I think my filter current is probably slightly too strong as today it seems to have broken up a bit and he has lost interest slightly. Any tips for helping him out? Reckon there would be any chance of...
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    Just Seen New Stock Of Habrosus In Lfs

    I can't help myself, I know I am going to have to purchase some more to go with my current group of 6!!! shame on me shame on me.... :blink:
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    Orange Thick Lipped Gourami's

    Just thought i would let everyone know that my group of 4 orange thick lipped gourami's are doing great. settled in well, looking healthy and getting on well with themselves and other fish. No sign of any agression really, occaisionally one of the females tells one of the males to get lost, but...
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    Aqua One Luminaires

    Hi, I have only seen these for sale recently in my lfs with an accompanying fish tank! Got a tank, but fancy a luminaire, these seem pretty good and as the tanks plus luminaires are pretty reasonably priced, I am assuming on its own it would be a bargain - if I could find one! Let me know if...
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    Sexing Thick Lipped Gourami's - I Got It Wrong!

    thinking about getting thick lipped gourami's and want to know if there is any way to sex them easily? If I am going to get a small group of them, i dont want any agression issues! cheers
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    Strange C.habrosus Deaths

    Hi, Just a quick question that probably no one will be able to answer, but you never know! I have a shoal of 6 habrosus, been in my tank for a couple of months, and over the last couple of days I have lost 2 of them, they were the smallest 2, and they hadnt seemed to have grown as much as the...
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    Snail Problems

    Hi, AFter some advice, my tank has become infested with common pond snails and a few ramshorns. There are now millions of them. Seems i removed the sole culprit a little too late and now I can no longer keep track of them by removing them one by one! Seems they are also starting to out compete...
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    How Does Wysteria Grow?

    I have a few stems of wysteria in my tank and it just seems to be growing upwards with no sign of any side shoots at all. I expected it to be like elodea and just shoot off at some point from the stem. but no sign as yet. Got plenty of roots on the stems at the base and the top foliage is nice...
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    Will Flourish Excel Kill My Moss Ball?

    as per the title, decided that I will go down the flourish excel route to try to coax my plants into better growth but I have a nice fat moss ball. Will it die as per some reports on the web? anyone have experience of this?
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    What Caused My Plants To Go Brown In Last Couple Of Weeks?

    ok my plants were doing well for a couple of months but now many of them are turning brown in the last couple of weeks. I know it could be a number of things that could be doing it, so here is my list and let me know what you think is the most likely! The worst affected is the wysteria, its...
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    How Long Do Fish Live

    ok i know its a very open question! but just how long do types of fish live both in the wild and in an aquarium?? Its difficult to find any sort of information on the life span of many fish anywhere, and its probably quite an important one to consider when buying new fish for you tank. I would...
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    Pearl Gourami's With C.habrosus?

    I have a nice shoal of 6 habrosus and some black neons in my uk 20g and some oto's. I also have some platies, which to be honest I want to get rid of! they have inbred a bit and are a little bit ropey and are also pretty messy! So I was thinking of getting rid and replacing with some nice...