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  1. Mateo Vanegas

    API general cure

    What do you guys think of api general cure? I got guppy’s from my LFS and have 3 glowlight and two otos I have 1 male and 2 female guppy’s
  2. Mateo Vanegas

    Need goldfish food?

    does any one want some goldfish food? I have some that I don’t use anymore because I gave away my gold fish that I used to have.
  3. Mateo Vanegas

    What disease is this!?!?! And what should I do!?!?!

    My glow light tetras have white spot on than and these little white flaps on there gills, I think it might be ick or gill flukes, or maybe both, please help I just put in some ick guard and I’m think to use general cure also, I know it might be to much for the fish but I think I have no choice.