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    Petting Platys?

    Well crazy enough one of my platys was chilling at the top and let me pet him for a second. It was kinda odd, i know my oldest gold dojo will just about let me pick him up,but i never imagined petting a platy. Either way i want to know if done in moderation if it would cause any harm to the...
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    Question About Treating Ich

    so as of the past two days i've been fighting ich in my tanks (guessing came from walmart fish despite me dumping the water in a bucket not my tank) as it showed up first in the qt tank hex wendsday, i have been adding quick cure recommended dosage on qt tank, and 30 drops in my 55g (loaches...
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    Making A Cheap Diy Hood For My 55g

    So two days ago i decided i was tired of lamps and one unsightly under-cabinet florescent light. (this had been used previously for automotive work so had quite the beating lol) (light was also diasembled and cleaned inside the fixture and out because of this) I also am getting ready to...
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    My 55g, And 35 Hex.

    Hey every one,I'm new here and relatively new to the hobby. although I tried a Betta about a two years ago, she did well and i kept her alive three months or so. my dad ends up letting a friend of his live with us,a bad alcoholic. She changed the water without adding conditioner several times a...