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    Double Sword Guppies

    PMSL..... Fish48 i think you need more tanks!
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    Slag Fish Show

    See you there Sunday
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    What Will My Fry Look Like And How Would You Manage Them?

    I've been keeping unusual guppies and show guppies for several years and rare livebearers since 1992. while I'm not an expert i do know a fair bit.
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    What Will My Fry Look Like And How Would You Manage Them?

      1.Impossible to tell. 2. Zero %. You would have to know what genetics were carried by only the Y chromosome 3. Personally i would not wast my time on shop guppy fry. your not know what your get from them. 4. I would work at keeping the big ear line going as I've only seen crap in the UK, yours...
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    Not Your Usual Female Guppy!

    shes from a blond japanese blue line of guppy
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    Gambusia-Guppy Mix

    Heterandria, gambusia and peocelia will not cross breed! I've tested heterandria fomosa with guppies several time with no fry over an 18 month period. Gambusia are nasty fish and kill peocelia and heterandria if confined together
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    Belonesox Feeding

    Mine will only eat live fish! Nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Not Your Usual Female Guppy!

    Here is a line of long finned guppies I've been working on for a while.
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    Returning Old Man

    Hello. I just popped on to have a look about. Good to see your still keeping fish.   I'm now upto 65 tanks, and loads of livebearers
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    Hi, I'm Looking For Guppy Breeders!

    I have moscows but in the UK
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    3 Week Old Guppy Fry Getting Showing Some Green

    Some black develop from 2 week on males, and greens are another early colour if the fish are wekk carefor.
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    Well Then... Miracle Guppies?

    Guppies can only control egg production in a small way, if their in good health with plenty of food their going to be producing eggs all the time.This is so they can fertalise the eggs at short notice. If their in poor health or poor water they stop production to divert the much needed protines...
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    Well Then... Miracle Guppies?

      Note that I said "when in helthy condition". If they are not in a good condition they will stop producing egg's even when with males.
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    Well Then... Miracle Guppies?

    Guppies still produce eggs when in helthy condition. these are readsorbed or shead if not fertalised. This is why they still look large. As a fry develops they female's do not get any larger, this is coz the mother dose not feed the fry, they live off the egg jolk.   A female get's larger coz...
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    What Type Of Platy Is This

    it's a type of blue. but trying to developo your own line is very difficualt, you want to start off with two different types of platy. google the hi fin's or plume tail, and then google bleeding heat platies, you can then try mixxing these blood lines and see what happens.
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    Please Share Your Wild Type Livebearers :)

    Good to see you back on here. I've just got some C. encaustus, and do you know your colection data on the esieni? as their rarther nice.
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    What Is This Color Of Guppy Officially Called?

    There are some very pale colourd fish comeing though ATM not my idea of a guppy,  thats just me. I've not seen a specific name for them so cant help.
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    Look At What I Found In My Pond!

    Sorry to dissapoint you, it's a guppy. Mosquito fish or Gambusia do not have brightly colourd fin's   Also no guppies cant cross with an Mosquito fish
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    Pregnant Least Killi

    The Least killifish is Heterandria formosa. while it's called a killi it's as already staed a livebearer and give birth to live fry every few days. I never trapped mine, just let them to on with it and they thrived.
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    How Do I Know What Kind Of Fry This Is?

    The orange is 100% baby platy. The others are guppy fry