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  1. mikey11

    Filter media

    replace your media only when absolutely necessary, i have had foam sponges in my HOB filters and cannister filters last 3-4 YEARS!....i have had air powered sponge filters last 20 years!! every few weeks is rediculous, it will do more harm then good also, never replace ALL of the media in your...
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    Angelfish fins?

  3. mikey11

    Background bubbles

    using glue was your mistake, i dont see the point in doing that, i just use a few pieces of scotch tape at each end
  4. mikey11

    Bad seam?

    i think you are worrying way too much
  5. mikey11

    Making Aqueon's 90 Gallon Stand Actually hold 90 Gallons

    why bother buying a stand and re-enforcing it? you are better off just to build your own, i have had hundreds of tanks in my time, i have never bought a stand, i build my own...and they are much better then anything you can buy
  6. mikey11

    Red tail shark

    Red Tail Shark is among the worst community tank members out there, Best kept with a tank full of african cichlids......and even then, if your going to have one.....ONLY HAVE ONE!
  7. mikey11

    Heating a Large Tank

    i use a single eheim jagger in a 100 gallon does fine, and that tank is located in a very cool basement, if your tank is located in a semi-warm location, the one eheim may be enough
  8. mikey11

    Cory fry not eating and dying

    feed them live baby brine shrimp and they will gobble it down like a kid to candy......
  9. mikey11

    What do you guys think ?

    a lot of people think keeping fish in an aquarium is cruel in general, regardless of how big the tank is, its not a natural environment, keeping fish in an aquarium is really the equivalent of you living your entire life in your bedroom with no tv or electronics or anything to do, and twice a...
  10. mikey11

    Tank weight for second floor

    it "should" be fine, when you can its always best to place an aquarium against a load bearing wall, also place the tank so it runs perpendicular to the floor beams, not parallel to them
  11. mikey11

    What is going on with the temperature?

    just leave the heater unplugged and stop worrying about it, putting cold water in to lower the temp is worse for the fish
  12. mikey11

    Giant 8 inch Pleco

    depends on how big the tank is, but they can easily get to 12 inches
  13. mikey11

    Swordtails pregnant?

    definitely preggo
  14. mikey11

    Question on "Culling"

    i have been breeding all kinds of tropical fish for over 20 years.....the first thing i tell people who want to start breeding fish is that you can not look at your fry as pets, you have to look at them as inventory, and you have to have no heart when it comes to culling, and you must cull them...
  15. mikey11

    Angels in a 45 gallon tank

    4 max....but that would be without any other fish in the tank
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    Quarantine Tank Set up

    i would keep that sponge filter running in your main tank, only move it to the quarantine tank when you need to use that tank, leave the quarantine tank empty unless you need to use it, when you need it, fill it half way with water from your main tank, the other half new water, then move...
  19. mikey11

    Feeding Tips

    i have many tanks with over 100 fish.....never worry about every fish eating, thats just crazy, if they are hungry enough they will get the food, tropical fish can easily go a week or more without being fed, they will find leftover scraps on the bottom, or peck at algae, quit worrying so much
  20. mikey11

    Tank Temp

    i don't know why people get so concerned over the temp of their tanks, 99% of tropical fish will be just fine in a tank anywhere from 22C to 32C there is nothing wrong with 26C as long as the temp changes are gradual its fine, its much worse and far more stressful on the fish if you do a...