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  1. DrRob

    Will my sponge filter work.

    Does this work? Yes. How well it works depends on flow and sponge. Large sponges, with fine texture with slow flow make excellent biofilters (like the hamburg mattenfilters), high flow rates turn more towards mechanical filters, and will need cleaning more often, but will be at least some...
  2. DrRob

    Empty Bottles from TNC

    Don't have any lying around, what are you planning on using them for though? I've been known to repurpose some tubs from work that would be fish safe after what we've done with them, but it depends what we've been up to and what you want to do with them.
  3. DrRob

    Breeding amano shrimp

    no tips sadly, but good luck. I've not yet seen anyone succeed, although lots have done better than I expected. The ones I've know get furthest swore that it was to do with the rate of change to salt water that they had to get right, but I can't advise beyond that nugget as I've never actually...
  4. DrRob

    Sponge Filters

    Sponge filter won't do anything much about nitrates. They're mainly ways of removing the toxic ammonia and nitrite, with nitrate being the end product, much like the penguins you already have. Mainly those are removed by water changes. Plants will also take them out, otherwise you need somewhat...
  5. DrRob

    Advice please??

    OK, initial basics. Don't worry about the light for now, it's purely cosmetic as far as the fish are concerned, but important if you have plants. Don't buy a new filter cartridge, unless the one you have is literally disintegrating, and even then I'd think twice. So, to start, get into the...
  6. DrRob

    The school fish.

    Not sure that buckets will stay with the set up, but am definitely tempted by at least upgrading to a 20l.
  7. DrRob

    am i still a beginner?

    We're all beginners at something. I've been keeping fish for many years, but have never kept marine (soon to be rectified once I finish renovating the room the tank is going in). To me, the biggest difference between a beginner, an established keeper, and an expert, is that the beginner doesn't...
  8. DrRob

    The school fish.

    So, the OH brought home the school goldfish for us to look after over the Christmas holiday. It's a tiny oranda, only about 4cm long and arrived in a 10l tank with a small internal filter (the sort that you can pick up in various shops with pictures of several goldfish on the packaging). Now...
  9. DrRob

    Apistos in community tank

    I've had apistos really take a dislike to cories. Depends on the fish somewhat. Others have been fine with them.
  10. DrRob

    The BEST algae filter is a Whole House Filter, 5 micron size...

    I think he's talking about the cartridge filters that you get on RO units. Great for purpose, but, as you say, they can be too aggressive. As water polishers they're probably fine, but I can't see them replacing a normal filter for sheer biological grunt, but paired with the right piece of kit...
  11. DrRob

    Best DIY filter on the planet... Whole House Filter...

    I've seen a similar set up, run as a side filter on a marine sump. They'd set it up originally as they'd wanted a reactor and the micron filter was tempting. They also had the filter cartridges already from their RO unit and an empty cartridge wasn't too hard to come by. Problem they found was...
  12. DrRob

    Making a filter

    If you want a dual outlet to be quieter then you can put a 180 degree bend (with an open topped vent at the top of the bend) on the higher tube and then throttle down the lower tube so that a tiny amount goes through the higher. That way the lower tube basically runs with a slow by silent syphon...
  13. DrRob

    Views on using a sump system for tropical

    My tropical tank has a sump (well it does when I'm not changing the flooring in the room it's in, it's stripped down right now). Works well. Hides all of the kit nicely. Problems I've found. The clean up team in tropical aren't as effective at moving things around as the marine version, and...
  14. DrRob

    Tank weight for second floor

    It'll be fine. Two people on a couch weight far more than your tank. Beds can be worse and bookshelves don't bear thinking about. Most important thing is that it's stable and flat.
  15. DrRob

    Appistogramma for 20 gallon?

    Things to consider. If you have a pair, and keep them in good condition, then they'll either breed, or hate each other. If they hate each other, then 24 inches isn't long enough. They're low level fish and territorial, so the height isn't going to help you. You might get away with 24 inches, if...
  16. DrRob

    New to T. elliotti breeding...

    Agreed. I've experienced them to be great parents, until they breed again, then all bets are off.
  17. DrRob

    Making a filter

    I've had a few cyanoacrylate projects give way after time and exposure to water. Now drinking water safe solvent weld, that stuff is great underwater.
  18. DrRob

    What looked a earwig was in ma tank

    There are various invertebrates that can find their way into aquariums. I'm guessing you've got tropical freshwater, which would narrow things down somewhat. I've found dragonfly larvae in my tanks. Glassworms might fit the description, and are often found in batches of daphnia.
  19. DrRob

    Aquaclear HOB Filters

    They've been annoying unavailable in the UK for some time now, so if we want one we end up importing them from the continent, which makes them uneconomical. Shame as they're good workhorse filters with the best media capacity I've seen on a hob.
  20. DrRob

    My fighter looks ill and weak need urgent help!!!

    You've got a good sized tank, but gouramis are quite territorial, and that opaline doesn't look like it's an adult. I strongly suspect that it'll turn into a more dominant fish as it gets older. Bettas will take out guppies. They don't really play well with things with flashy tails, probably...