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  1. FawnN

    My Chug

    Everyone,   Say hello to my puppy Rocky!  He is a Chug, 1/2 Chihuahua and 1/2 Pug.  As you can see, he has the Pug mask and ears.  He also has the curly pug tail, but you can't see it from this picture.     He is currently 11 weeks old and weighs in at about 2lbs.  He clearly has some teething...
  2. FawnN

    April 2015 - Pet Of The Month Competition Entries

    Here is my entry photo and I'll have to wait until he is sleeping to get a verification photo.  
  3. FawnN

    Free Kribensis Fry - Pick Up Only

    Kribensis Fry Age and condition:  3 generations of fry ranging from 1 month to 4 months old.   Quantity for sale: over 100 available Reason for Sale:  Don't have the time to dedicate with my new puppy Delivery or Collection:  PICK UP ONLY Sales price: FREE Willing to Ship (Yes or No): NO -...
  4. FawnN

    25 Gallon Tank W/ Stand For Sale - Orange County, Ca

    Aqueon 25 Gallon Tall tank For Sale plus stand   Age and condition: Excellent Condition - Less than a year old  Quantity for sale:  1 Delivery or Collection: For Pick up Only Sales price: $175 / OBO Willing to Ship (Yes or No): NO Postage & Packaging Price: N/A Location: Orange County, CA    I...
  5. FawnN

    January 2015 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    Ohhh.. I'd be happy with a badge too!  Thanks Ch4rlie!  
  6. FawnN

    January 2015 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    OK... so what did I win??  LOL
  7. FawnN

    January 2015 - Tank Of The Month Winner!

    Beautiful looking tank!!  Congrats Munroco!!  
  8. FawnN

    January 2015 - Pet Of The Month Winner

    They were all super adorable!!  Congrats Dreamer 03!!
  9. FawnN

    January 2015 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    Yeah!!  Thank you to everyone that voted!!  
  10. FawnN

    Omg.. Too Many Kribensis Fry

    I've got Kribensis fry coming out of my ears...  lol  I've got over 50 growing out in my 10 gallon and another 75 in my 25 gallon with their parents.   The parents are super awesome!  I can't get over how much they work together to protect them.  If anyone is interested in a pair in a couple of...
  11. FawnN

    Female German Blue Ram Laying Eggs Without A Male Pair?

    They could still pair off. And if they do, the male will know what to do. Might take them a couple of spawnings to get it right and if you're lucky, it will be successful. I have yet to get a successful spawning from my pair. The male was great at fertilizing and protecting, but the female...
  12. FawnN

    My New Pair Of Kribensis

    Update picture on my Krib fry.  I had to switch out my penquin filter to a sponge filter on Thursday night.  Came home and noticed there were no fry in the tank and I knew they didn't get eaten since they are the only ones in my 25 gallon.  Sure enough, they were all swimming in the filter...
  13. FawnN

    Gbr Spawning #3 - I Finally Have Wigglers

      Thank you so much for the information.  That all makes sense!  I bought this pair from a local breeder that promotes all natural family owned, bred at home.  Dad is awesome and really great at keeping them close to him.  So disappointed with mom.  My Kribensis on the other hand, both are...
  14. FawnN


    "First of all, welcome to the hobby!  It is super addicting.     IMO.. it's always good to over filter, but that seems pretty strong for a 10 gallon with guppies.  Before I turned my 10 gallon into a breeder tank I was running a Penquin Power Filter 100 gph (10 to 20 Gallon) and that was still...
  15. FawnN

    My New Pair Of Kribensis

    The circle of life, right?  I have a feeling I will be in your same situation real soon.  Mom is beginning to slowly get full again and I would imagine that she will be spawning for me every month.  I just love watching them.  I caught mom moving the fry from the cave to the driftwood this...
  16. FawnN

    My New Pair Of Kribensis

    I finally got a picture of my Kribensis fry.  They have grown so much and are attempting to swim around.  I can't get over how much bigger they are than my GBR fry.     I can't get over how different they are as parents too versus my GBR.  Her first spawn and she and dad already know what to...
  17. FawnN

    Gbr Spawning #3 - I Finally Have Wigglers

    Here is quick video of my wigglers... Dad finally gave up on keeping them on the driftwood.  Now they are all on the bottom of the tank.
  18. FawnN

    Gbr Spawning #3 - I Finally Have Wigglers

    Daddy is still not allowing the wigglers to explore.  I have more today wanting to swim, but Dad is still trying to keep them on the driftwood.  Back and forth he goes, all day long!!  
  19. FawnN

    My New Pair Of Kribensis

    As I suspected... my pair did spawn last week.  Super protective mom finally allowed them to have their first outing.  At first peek, I was totally surprised at all the wigglers.  Pretty big batch for her first spawn.  Daddy and mommy are proving to be super awesome parents!!!  They were out for...