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  1. cocoa007

    My Lfs Can Get Me These Bettas What Should I Do.

    I like pic of super delta metallic :)
  2. cocoa007

    Positive Changes To New Member Restrictions

    Hurray !!   Edit: I take back that Hurray as I can't change my display pic :(
  3. cocoa007

    Threadfin Rainbowfish Mating

    He looks so cute trying to woo the female :)
  4. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    Euthenized a fish today. It was getting miserable. Had to do it. Now I am miserable. I will pack the empty tank away for some time.
  5. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    Nothing good to report. After Jupiter's death I tried to feed fish with Albendazole with food. Fish did not eat it. I searched Internet and treated the tank with albendazole with maximum 2mg/ltr dose. after 24 hrs I changed the water at 70%. I did not repeat the treatment after that. The fish...
  6. cocoa007

    Is Melamine Aquarium Safe ?

    Thanks Tricky. I will keep melamine away from my tank :)
  7. cocoa007

    Is Melamine Aquarium Safe ?

    Melamine the plastic stuff that is used to make dinnerware etc, is that aquarium safe ? I have a pretty salt shaker which I want to turn to a barrel for fish in aquarium but don't know if its safe.    
  8. cocoa007

    New Moderator

    Congrats Charlie !
  9. cocoa007

    320L Planted Tank (A Right Sticky Mess!)

    Your tank is so beautiful. An inspiration to all.
  10. cocoa007

    Ideas For Tank Please?

    You can use smooth river stone hardscape. No edges to hurt any fish.
  11. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    I will post back in few days when I have some result to report.   thank you WILDER for your help.
  12. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    Albendazole is human dewormer. Its in the same family as fenbandazole. My biggest regret is that I did not listen to my instincts. Few days ago when I was buying metronidazol I had a feeling that what I need is an anti-nimetod (anti helminthic) not anti bacterial like metronidazole. But I was...
  13. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    Jupiter died. He was my favourite. I fasted them few days ago before starting on metronidazole. Did that fasting emaciated him and brought about his death sooner ? I am treating rest of the fish with elbandazole.
  14. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    Sorry I forgot that youasked for food details too.   I feed them hikari fancy guppy in general but I did feed them dried blood worms once which I suspected and havn't fed it since.
  15. cocoa007

    Internal Parasites ?

    Oh it does look like camallanous worms. They do have long stringy white waste and sometimes clear waste. one has its spine bent too and and does look thin. its not swimming on its side yet.   I can not let this fish die. The wormer ? what is the name of the medicine ? I will ask for it at lfs...
  16. cocoa007

    I Love It But Think It Could Be Better

    I like your tank. Its lookin good.
  17. cocoa007

    Guppies Love Mango

    Yes I agree about sharp ends. No more pointy stuff from now on. Guppies are so overenthusiastic creatures, they may just jump on pointy end and hurt themselves.   Regarding acidic fruits- I thought about it too. Don't know if its safe. I fed it 2-3 days ago and my guppies seem fine except...
  18. cocoa007

    My 30L Cube

    Thanks Charlie and Rik. :)