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  1. daz4321

    Led Aquaurium Light

    56mw per led,12000k 300mcd per led, 8000k 1400mcd per led. 60cm version has 12 x 12000k led's and 84 x 8000k leds.
  2. daz4321

    Led Floodlight

    I use one 50w led on my 2ft cube have it running at about 50-60% and it grows anything I want (glosso,cuba etc.). this is not the floodlight though just the led/driver/heatsink/fan.
  3. daz4321

    Cat Litter

    Special Kitty Non Clumping Cat Litter from Walmart
  4. daz4321

    Changing Ph Levels

    adding salt is not always a good idea... to some species it can be deadly...freshwater fish do not need salt although some, black mollies for instance, do benefit from a very small addition of salt. Salt will also play with your Ph levels(Kh and Gh too).... What else do you have in the filter...
  5. daz4321

    How Many Bubbles P/s On This Setup

    as many as it takes to get to as near 30ppm as you can without causing stress to the inhabitants. Every tank is different so there is no set bubble rate per second.
  6. daz4321

    Cat Litter

    after a few years of testing various 'specialist' substrates I now only use the cat litter, it's cheap and is as good if not better than some 'specialist' substrates, the only fault with it imo is the colour but then once the plants have grown you don't see much of it anyway :)
  7. daz4321

    Is This An Egg Sack From... Something!?

    possible closed and bleached aiptasia but can't find a good close up of an aips foot to be sure.
  8. daz4321

    How Many/what Size Goldfish?

    I can't guarantee the authenticity of any image or any advice just trying to prove my point that what one person would say is ok is not necessarily the best for the fish. Unfortunately fish stores in the most part are only interested in one thing sales, if that means selling an unsuitable fish...
  9. daz4321

    How Many/what Size Goldfish?

    yep max 8 inches right... and the rest comets are single tail and only suitable for a pond
  10. daz4321

    How Many/what Size Goldfish?

    just because it could be done does not mean it should be done, an adult oranda could end up struggling to turn around in that tank, no matter the amount of filtration it will not remove the hormones released by these fish and therefor could stunt their already line bred induced body shape...
  11. daz4321

    Algae Outbreak Question

    you don't need co2 with that ammount of light but you will need some ferts, maybe only trace and not macro. Liquid carbon will also help as it is an algaecide.
  12. daz4321

    Algae Outbreak Question

    A UV clarifier will kill or severely damage (so that they die) single celled algae that passes through them. The passes through is important as thats all it will kill if the algae is attached in your tank then the UV does nothing to it. If your tank is reasonably planted then the cause of the...
  13. daz4321

    Did My Pump Kill My Tetra

    A healthy fish will not be sucked into a normal aquarium pump. Snails will crawl into them on their own even to the point of stalling the pump usually without damage to the snail.
  14. daz4321

    How Many/what Size Goldfish?

    single tail goldfish should not be kept in an aquarium they are pond fish. Twin tailed goldfish should have 160l for the first fish plus an extra 60l per an additional fish. white clouds and other similar sized temperate fish will be eaten sooner or later by goldfish. Oranda can grow between...
  15. daz4321

    Unexpected Angelfish Babies! Help!

    remove to spare tank and change some water daily they will not make much waste themselves but you will feeding them so it will need the bottom siphoning daily or even after each feed to keep clean, you will need food for them that needs to be relative in size obviously, micro worms are a good...
  16. daz4321

    Priming External Filter

    as a last resort suck on the outlet but don't swallow ;)
  17. daz4321

    Other Ways To Lower Nitrates?

    removal of all nitrate will be nigh on impossible but a very low level can be detrimental to plants which is why a complete fert that has micro and macro nutrients is used (micro nutrients are your trace elements(most general ferts are these))(macro nutrients are nitrogen(nitrate)phosphates and...
  18. daz4321

    How To Catch Fry Question.

    I use a turkey baster for that
  19. daz4321

    Other Ways To Lower Nitrates?

    water change up to 90% with dechlorinated and temperature matched water will make the difference, by only doing 25% water changes you only remove slightly less than 25% of the remaining nitrate each time, 40ppm,30ppm,23ppm,19ppm roughly ignoring the fact your putting 5ppm of 25% back in each...
  20. daz4321

    Dyi Filter Repair Advice Please

    if you mean the plug where it goes into the socket on the wall then chop it off and fit a new one. Order a new filter as a spare covers both options.