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  1. stanleo

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    I have a question I probably know the answer to but I'm gonna ask anyway. Started a 29 gallon tank two weeks ago for my nephew who lives with us with some plants from my established 110 gallon and a filter I had on it about two months ago before changing the filter for a bigger one. This is a...
  2. stanleo

    Nephew's 29 gallon jungle tank

    We have a nephew that we took in and the other day he said he wanted to have a fish tank in his room. I had almost everything needed in the basement and in my current freshwater tank to setup a 29 gallon for next to nothing. He said he wanted it to look like a jungle. I took him to the LFS and...
  3. stanleo

    Rasporas dying

    I have had the same school of harliquins for over five years. I keep nitrates at 10ppm and pH at 6.4. 110 gallon community with other peaceful schooling fish and a mated pair of angelfish. I have slowly lost one at a time starting about 3 or 4 months ago. I went from nine now down to five and...
  4. stanleo


    I would just by a new one. Unless you already have the silicone, that will cost you about 9-11 bucks. When you factor in the hassle of repairing it you're not really saving anything.
  5. stanleo

    Sump/refugium for freshwater

    This is just an idea in my head ATM and not something I'm close to implementing. I am just thinking of turning my 55gl tank into a sump with a refugium for my 110 community tank. I have a reef tank with a sump and its great to be able to clean things without shutting everything down. Has anyone...
  6. stanleo

    Weird angelfish aggression

    my mated pair has been together for over a year. They regularly spawn. There is another angel in their tank that is one of their babies that is now full grown. They live in 110 gallon long. They spawned a couple days and now the male is chasing the female away and they are really going at it...
  7. stanleo

    shrimps and angels

    I have had each for four years. Actually the average lifespan for bamboo shrimp is 1 to 3 years so I would say mine are pretty good. Just make sure the tank is planted and isn’t too clean. They need plenty of particulate nutrients in the water and for mine the only flow in there are the two...
  8. stanleo

    shrimps and angels

    The only shrimp I keep with my angels are bamboo and viper shrimp. The are filter feeders that get over 3 inches. I had thought about amano shrimp but the ones at the LFS just seemed to small. Remember, shrimp are a natural food source for angels so if there is a chance they can fit in their...
  9. stanleo

    Panther crab

    finally got some good pics of my panther crab! Had him about ten months. Had a brother for him but he died a few months ago from an incomplete molt. This guy does very well in my 120 gallon tank. He’s quadrupled in size. Carapace is two inches and he’s 4 1/2 with the legs. Max size is three inch...
  10. stanleo

    My dojo loaches spawned!!

    Ok let me try this. Around 2:15 you can see the air escaping the cloaca. At the very end you can make out one of the eggs in the middle of the leaf on the screen.
  11. stanleo

    My dojo loaches spawned!!

    I swear I’m not making this up. The angelfish fry just started swimming today or never would have noticed. At first I saw what looked like eggs floating in the water. Perfectly round opaque eggs and they would fall on the swords and stick there. The angels were eating them like candy. Then I...
  12. stanleo

    Malayan Angels

    Here’s a good article on this fish. It is brackish to marine and this says should be kept with five or more individuals. With two there is not enough to spread out the aggression. Beautiful fish but monos get big and setting up a brackish tank can be challenging...
  13. stanleo

    Breeding otos

    I have a female that I have suspected was full of eggs. She has been really fat for over a week but I wasn’t sure. Tonight I am sure. My power went out and I was looking in the tank with a flashlight and found her and I can see tiny yellow eggs through her skin. Does anyone now how to breed...
  14. stanleo

    Does my Guppy have Ich??

    Without a clear pic it is hard to determine what is going on. It could be ich, it could be another type of infection or it could just be light hitting certain scales a different way causing a shimmering effect. Without knowing what is going on it’s hard to say. To be safe, up the temp that can’t...
  15. stanleo

    Does my Guppy have Ich??

    A pic will help identify if it’s ich or not. Do the spots look like small white pimples all over? If so then it probably is ich and should be effecting everyone in the tank. Ich is a parasite with a predictable life cycle. If you up to temp to over 80 F it should increase this life cycle. You...
  16. stanleo

    Is my goldfish acting normally? I knew someone wouldn’t believe me. Lol
  17. stanleo

    Is my goldfish acting normally?

    Most people on here will tell you that goldfish need a large aquarium, at least over 100 gallons because goldfish do get large depending on the species. I think black moors or shubunkin can do well in 55 gallons but I will get flack for that. They need a filter. Goldfish are very messy and like...
  18. stanleo


    My pair get very aggressive to the other fish and start cleaning various leaves the day before they lay eggs. I’ve never seen the ovipositor but will definately look for it now. I’ve also never noticed the female getting fat. I’m still not sure which is the female in fact. I think the big one is...
  19. stanleo

    Water change w/angelfish fry

    No I’m not with this batch just going to let it all happen. This is the second bunch of fry they have gotten this far and the last one only lasted about an hour after they started swimming. Maybe sometime in the future I will save some to see if I can grow them out but I’m in no hurry for this...
  20. stanleo

    Water change w/angelfish fry

    I was all set to take this advise and just do the water change over three days because I was considering doing that and you seconded my plan. But when I started draining the guy that is redoing my deck showed and I got distracted. By the time I got back half the fry were already dislodged and...