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  1. Truck

    New Monthly Competition? Fish Photo Of The Month?

    Was tried before and failed due to cheaters...
  2. Truck

    How Do These Sound?

    Because as far as I am aware food isn't available out of a little plastic pot daily in the wild, food comes along when it is available, so some days they go without and others not, feeding fish daily isn't a necessity, every few days is fine.
  3. Truck

    What Are You Listening To?

    This aint a love song - Scouting for Girls
  4. Truck

    2010 Fifa World Cup

    Just a little game to play: Post who you think will win, and which stage you think your country's team will finish in. Winners: Spain My teams position: England - Quarter finals
  5. Truck

    Fish Cruelty!

    A 1 gallon is fine, as long as it is heated and 2*50% water changes are done daily, plants are not essential either.
  6. Truck

    Wow!.. This Is Deep Stuff... So Touching.

    Swap the tomatoes for chicken and I'm in ;) :D
  7. Truck

    Pinned Topics

    I'd like to know why someones journal was pinned when it is no different to any other, the only difference being size and cost...
  8. Truck

    Vampire Diaries? Tv Show!

    Does this count?
  9. Truck

    Can I Take My Plants Out There Pots?

    Take them out or they will become stunted and pot bound.
  10. Truck

    Nitrates Vs Fertilizers

    40ppm isn't really a problem, and considering plants will take in a maximum of 5ppm daily at crazy lighting levels your plants are probably removing 1-2ppm a day, just keep up with the water changes and you have nothing to worry about.
  11. Truck

    Wow!.. This Is Deep Stuff... So Touching.

    I am so what does it mean?
  12. Truck

    Value For Money - Tapwater Conditioners

    Yep 30% a week and It's planted up.
  13. Truck

    Value For Money - Tapwater Conditioners

    I do 30% water changes weekly, no dechlorinator and no temperature matching, neither are necessary on a water change of this size.
  14. Truck

    50,000.... When?

    Is it still too late to suggest a date? :P I'm guessing the 17th of may.
  15. Truck

    Your Views

    I wouldn't say rule as such, I'd say guidance. Homosexuality is a sin in the catholic church, but that wouldn't stop a worshiper from talking to or acknowledging a gay person, sins can be forgiven.
  16. Truck

    What Are You Listening To?

    God gave Rock and Roll to you - Argent (Kiss cover)
  17. Truck

    Your Views

    It isn't, you said that they spread hatred against the gays which isn't true, they just believe that it isn't right, you don't see the religious followers going round protesting against gays and spreading their hatred for them.
  18. Truck

    Your Views

    That totally depends on the religion, in some it is forbidden, and in others if you commit you can repent your sins by asking for forgiveness.