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  1. snowflake311

    Uaru tankmates

    The word Peaceful and any cichlid does not work. My Uaru was the cause of the death of my beloved Severum. I should have homed the Uaru as soon as I saw my severum was getting stressed. They can be mean I think they do best with other Uarus and other good size fish that are not cichlids. Uarus...
  2. snowflake311

    Electric Blue Acara sexing

    Too young/small to tell and really only when breeding tubes drop will you know. The males will have a bigger head as they mature. I had a breeding pair of normal blue acaras years ago and I only could tell them apart because I saw them spawn. It is not easy to sex the little ones. here is the...
  3. snowflake311

    Red Shoulder Severum

    I found when keeping NW cichlids the more the better. 2 was NEVER good an oscar and a severum alone in a tank could be war. You never know but I would not do it unless you have a 100Gal and other south american cichlids to level the aggression out. Each cichlid has it's own personality so if you...
  4. snowflake311

    Uaru tankmates

    I had a Bichir with my uaru that would be a good tank mate. Tetras are hit and miss they are often eaten or scared so badly they jump out.
  5. snowflake311

    Uaru tankmates

    I had 2 Uarus for years. They ran the tank. I blame the big one for the death of my favorite and first Severum who was 8 years old when he died. They are cool fish but since one was involved with the death of my severum who was a pet to me. I have this thing against them I know it is wrong. I...
  6. snowflake311

    Severum and plants how bad?

    I have a little bit of black bread algae in my planted tank but since the tank has become more established I have got it under control it really is all about balance. Sometimes it takes years to find that balance .
  7. snowflake311

    I need opinions on a good light!

    The real question is what kind of plants are you looking to keep?
  8. snowflake311

    Severum and plants how bad?

    Well this is my tank now. I have my Discus again. 100Dsicus2018 by Sarah Ireland, on Flickr
  9. snowflake311

    Discus in a Trigon 190

    DIscus are not hard to breed. I had some breed in a community tank they are a lot like Angles. The Key to keeping discus is start off with good stock and buy the biggest you can afford. I would never buy fish under 3 inches ever again. I buy my Discus from a good source I trust and I get 3.5 - 5...
  10. snowflake311

    Angelfish Eating Duck Weed

    My Silver Dollars love this stuff.
  11. snowflake311

    I have one Tank now. 100Gal Planted Discus tank. I am back.

    I have one Tank now. 100Gal Planted Discus tank. I am back.
  12. snowflake311

    I need Stocking Ideas!

    I have been keeping fresh water fish since 1998 I have kept all the types of fish I wanted. Now I do not know what I want for my planted 100Gal. I have always wanted to make my 100Gal into a planted tank and I have it looks amazing. One thing is What fish to put in it? What is in it now 1...
  13. snowflake311

    Breeding Paradise fish for other colors?

    The Paradise fish or Macropodus opercularis has been in the hobby for 100s of years. I wonder why we do not have different Color morphs and different fin shapes? Betta fish come in all colors and finage. Why not the Macropodus opercularis? I feel like this fish is very under estimated and...
  14. snowflake311

    Any Plants I should Try?

    I love Vallisneria aka Val. I have the corkscrew kind and jungle and Giant. Over the years I have had it TAKE OVER a tank but other tanks it did not make it. This plant grows like a weed or it does not grow at all. It needs good light and CO2 to grow like a weed. Brazilian Pennywort All...
  15. snowflake311

    Severum and plants how bad?

    Well it took all day to switch the tanks. from 9:00am to 8:30pm. I planted the 100 Gal and I am not willing to risk my Severum eatting and ripping up all my hard work. I am thinking maybe keep the 80Gal for the Severum and my OLD Pictus cat that is almost as old as my daughter at 9 years old.
  16. snowflake311

    Severum and plants how bad?

    So I have not been on here in a long time. My tanks are the same old tanks same old fish. I am looking to get down to one tank. I want to just have my 100 Gal. I have lots of plants my 80Gal tank is over growns. I need more room for my plants. I want to keep my red severum but I know my plants...
  17. snowflake311

    Thinking of going African?

    I have a 100 Gal fish tank and an 80 Gal Planted. The 100 Gal That has always been for South american cichlids. I have only kept one african cichlid a buffalo head cichlid. i want to try something new with my 100 gal but I am not sure I should. Is it worth it getting african cichlids? Why do...
  18. snowflake311

    Betta Flaring At Other Fish - Community Tank

    You are not going to stop it. Your male is trying to get her to breed with him. Has he made a bubble next yet? A female sword tail looks a lot like a female betta fish. He will start to hurt her the more frustrated. You will need to separate them live bearers and Bettas do not mix well. I kept...
  19. snowflake311

    betta ID please

    I use to breed Fancy Half moon Plakats. I had one female really trick me for the long time I thought it was a female then the fins really came in and I saw now it was a male. It is a male Plakat for sure. The longer Ventral fins are the real give away. It looks like the ones they breed to...
  20. snowflake311

    30" Red Brick Decor

    I really like the lay out of this tank. I liked the way it looked with out the plants along the bottom. Once they fill it should look good. Oh shrimp are great. I miss mine.