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  1. nic1

    Do dojo loaches scream?

    Hi.... My daughters weather loach jumped out of her tank onto the floor, she saw it and picked it up before any damage was done (I've told her to close the lid, being a student she's typically A. forgetful or B. lazy.... She promises to do it from now on). But she called me to say when she...
  2. nic1

    Shrimp in main tank but not really

    Hello everyone that remembers me, and to those who have never heard of me! I haven't been on here for ages, but I need some opinions from fishy people. My tanks has been running for years, the fish I have are old and I haven't restocked the numbers as I'm slowly trying to merge my tanks together...
  3. nic1

    Worrying over nothing?

    Hello, I haven't been on here for a while, but things have calmed down at home now and I have some time... AT LAST! Anyway, I had to buy a tank quite quickly as my external filter lid broke and I couldn't open it to clean it without being able to close it again, and as the tank is drilled and...
  4. nic1

    Albino rainbow shark-free to good home

    I have an albino rainbow shark free to anyone who can prove they have a good home for him. I really hate giving away fish, but I got this fish today as my friend was closing down her tank and this one fish was going to get flushed. I need some one who is responsible and knows about these fish...
  5. nic1

    What are these?

    Hello! Happy Friday :) I ordered some dried leaves for my shrimp and these turned up... It's Friday today and can't send them back till Monday, the sad thing is, they weren't properly packaged and 3 of them all had identical cracks/split shells... it looks like they have been squashed in the...
  6. nic1

    Glass cat fish

    so as there are no takers for the accidental glass cat fish, I was wondering what do I do? I have called the store and they won't take him back... I also need to move him out of the shrimp tank as it is far too small for him, I have a clear divider for the 300L I could put that in and try and...
  7. nic1

    Glass Cat Fish Rehoming Manchester

    Hi,   I went to the LFS today and got some more corydoras to add to the group, when I got home there was a single glass cat fish in the bag. I would normally return this fish but tbh the store that I got it from wasn't the greatest of stores and there were a lot of dead fish floating about and...
  8. nic1

    Shrimp Die After A Water Change?

    Hiya,   like the title says.... shrimp die after a water change- I change 20% every two weeks as I have heard less is more with shrimps, The population was at 50, but now its like 10.... I notice molt problems after 2 days with a white split near the head, and dead shrimp with no obvious cause...
  9. nic1

    Giant African Land Snail

    I need some urgent help, but the only forum I could find on GALS is slow to respond....  does anyone have any knowledge on them? one of mine needs serious help!!  Thanks
  10. nic1

    New Born Rcs?

    Hiya,    I fell off the radar for a bit but Im back again for a little advice.   I recently bought my daughter a RCS tank which was already up and running for a year previously. Some of you may of remembered that she wanted an eco sphere but I was talked into getting a little shrimp community. ...
  11. nic1

    Electrocuted My Fish?

    I changed half my water, turned off the heater as usual whilst it was being drained, filled up the tank again then turned the heater on.... Then disaster, 3 glolights looked like they died in mid swim and floated to the bottom, 1 just wobbled on the spot, the others dashed around, my SAE...
  12. nic1

    Are These Worms?

    Hello and Happy New Year!    Ive only ever had three platy fry survive past 4 months old, they are usually released into the main tank after 2 months once they are strong enough to swim away and hide from the other fish. I am aware that some of the weakest will get picked off, but from the 40 or...
  13. nic1

    Why Are People So... ?

    Have a read of this.....       MOD EDIT: Remember in replying to this topic to ensure that your comments are within the boundaries set up by the Forum Rules.  Inappropriate comments made in this...
  14. nic1


    Hi, I asked my 14 year old daughter what she wanted for Christmas, she asked for an Ecosphere.... I have never heard of these things in my life so I looked them up, here's a link... Some people have claimed their shrimp have lived for 20 years..... now either...
  15. nic1

    What To Do With My Glo Light Fry?

    I have just discovered fry in my tank, they are minute... I'm pretty sure they are glo lights as I only have SAE, platy corys and a single danio. At the moment they are up against the glass under the floating plants, I'm not sure what to do with them, I can't catch them as they are tiny so I'm...
  16. nic1

    Free Pistia Stratiotes (Floating Water Lettuce)

    Free as many as I can fit into a bag.   I bought a small bag of these plants a month ago and now it has covered the surface of my tank completely, I am giving away one medium bag, will post first class on Monday to UK only. They may arrive bruised and battered but they grow and multiply rapidly...
  17. nic1

    Fingers Crossed For My 11Year Old Daughter

    I'm off on holiday for two weeks today, currently in the car to the airport. Because of the new school rules where you get fined for taking the kids out of school they are at home with my mum, I've left my 11 year old daughter in charge of the fish as she loves them! But this morning I noticed...
  18. nic1

    Algae Is Being Mowed Down!

    I was just reading about hard aglae on another thread and decided to tell anyone thats interested about my tank. I have had a major problem with BBA to the point where it looked like a black cat had decided to groom itself in my tank. I also had the 'hard green' spot algae on the sides near the...
  19. nic1

    Liquid Co2 And Vallisneria Gigantea

    Hi,     Does anyone know if dosing everyday with liquid co2 have any effect on vallis gigantea? Ive heard that it melts most vallis but will it do the same to this plant?   Thanks in advance.
  20. nic1

    Did Anyone Else Lose Fish In The Recent Heat? (Uk)

    Like the title says, I lost three poor fish due to the heat last week, they were some of my oldest fish, an albino cory (Ghost) who was 6 years old, a giant danio (Tuna) who was 7 years old and also a glolight tetra (Bill) who was 2 years old. I was quite sad really when they just died within...