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    Tropiquarium 88 (~3Ft) Free

    Equipment make/model/size: 130l tank. TropiQuarium 88. Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale: Lost interest in hobby. Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £0.00 Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Luton/Dunstable - Bedfordshire Photograph: See below Payment: N/A This is an old...
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    Did Lulzsec Release Your Info?

    Click here and enter your Username/Email address! Click here to check if your account details have been stolen! I've made a quick little page that will check if recent LulzSec hacking attack, just click the link, type in your details and click go. If you get two greens, you're all good to go...
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    Common Pc Problems, And Their Solutions.

    Website X doesn't display correctly! Try clearing your web-browsers cache, to do this in Internet Explorer, click here for a detailed explanation of how and why. The magical cure to 99% of computer problems! 1. Turn off your computer. 2. Unplug the power from the socket. 3. Hold the ON button...
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    Common Pleco - Free To A Good Home

    Pickup only, Dunstable Area. PM for further details. Some images of the fish:
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    What Is This? (id Please) [warning Lots Of Imgs]

    Its kinda camo-colour styled, 10 inches long and around 8 years old, other than that I have no info on it, it is for a friend who's husband, who this fish belongs to, recently passed away. If you would like to adopt it, it is available, likely free, in the Luton, UK area.
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    Fudge Is A Dog, A Dog He Is.

    I've not posted for a while so I just thought i'd show some pictures of Fudge, my little Jack Russel. He comes from a rescue center called Appledown, but he actually was found about 100 miles north of the rescue center but was moved due to overcrowding. Fudge was origionally rescued as a stray...
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    Pleco Never Comes Out

    I've had 2 clown plecos for around 1 year now, and since i added them i have not seen them. The only way i know they havn't died/decomposed/jumped/beeneaten/abducted is because if you peek down a tiny crack behind some slate i have you can just see them moving around? Should they really be this...
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    A Better Way To Help Diagnose Ill Fish?

    I was wondering, with people posting in 'Tropical Fish Emergencies' Help me my fish is doing **** or it looks like ****, maybe there could be a universal account on '' for all TFF users, is a free online service that lets you stream live webcam footage over the internet...
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    Goldfish Parasite?

    Theres a quite thick tube with a bubble in it stick out my gold-fishes gill, any ideas?
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    :sad: I was looking at my betta earlier and noticed a small hole, about the size of a bit of rice, in his fin, it was all red and red around it. Will he be ok and do i need to do anything to help him + what may of caused this? (no tankmates, only buddy is a cory)
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    Golffish :p

    Ive seen some little goldfish in my LFS that look like little orange and white golfballs with eyes and fins, anyone got any idea how big they go and some pics of them would be nice
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    Im thinking of getting whiptails or clown plecs, i know how big clown plecs go, but i dont want to go through all the getting driftwood ect. bore. So, could anyone tell me the requirements for whiptails, their sizes and other things i may need to know, (Like if the need wood) EDIT: + Are corys...
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    Dieing Fishys....

    :fish: :rip: Within the past 3 days ive lost 3 fish, first a cory went, no signs of disease, second, RTBS =S, seemed to have no signs of diseases but i belive cause of death was being squished by an ornament, 3rdly a black widow tetra was fount to be pretty much chopped in half. Any ideas what...
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    Cloning, Am I Doing It Right?

    :crazy: Ive done the gravel in a tight thing, about to stick filter in. Am i doing it right? Anything i have missed?
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    Mirror-backed Tank, I Want To Paint It...

    Ummm, How? + Isnt paint bad for the fish?
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    Making Sigs For People :p

    Ok if youve been on chat lately you will know what im on about.. If you want a signature just reply with the info required: Name(The name you want on the signature): Other Writing(Eg. some sort of catchy saying): (Optional) Link to picture wanted on the sig: Any other...
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    New Betta Needs A Name!

    My brand new betta + He needs a name!!! " :unsure: Whats that over there?" " B) I are the smexiest betta ever!"
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    My First Pictures

    Hee hee these are my first pictures of my prettyfull betta What do you think? :wub: :wub: + Name suggestions for the betta? Edit: SORRY for large picture sizes
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    What To Add Now? (no Guppies)

    Recently ive had no succsess(cannot spell) with guppies i was just wondering what to keep now. I have.... 40 x 20 x 46.5 (in CM) 1x Rainbowshark 1x Male Guppy <---- he is a loner and will probaly go soon, he is abit flopsy 4x Albino corys What to add now? Thanks in advance. . .