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  1. maddi7777

    Cloudy Eye Treatment?

    Hello everyone, my goldfish Kovu appears to have cloudy eye. I have heard of Melafix to treat it, but there are a lot people saying that this treatment killed their fish. Is there any other treatment I can use to clear his eyes? Thanks!
  2. maddi7777

    Are my tanks too small???

    I have a betta, fancy goldfish, and dwarf gourami. I used to house my King Betta in a 10 gallon tank, but due to abrupt complications he is now housed in a spare 5 gallon tank I had on hand. My dwarf gourami is residing in a 10 gallon tank, but I’m pretty sure they need 20 gallons. My fancy...
  3. maddi7777

    Gourami tank mates??

    I currently have an extremely skittish dwarf gourami in a 10 gallon tank. I was wondering if there was any tank mates that could go with him? I heard maybe ghost shrimp? However, I have heard before that dwarf gouramis should have at least a 20 gallon tank. If that is truly the case, I will not...
  4. maddi7777


    My sister has an ADF and it has been suffering for a couple days. We found it moments ago lying on its back, floating at the top of the tank. It couldn’t flip over by itself but it is still alive, barely. Should I humanely put it out of its misery or is there any other options. PLEASE HELP ASAP
  5. maddi7777

    King Betta in 5 gallon??

    I recently had to move my King Betta into a 5 gallon tank due to some tank mate issues. He is now living alone and is doing well. However, I have heard from some sources that King Bettas absolutely need a 10 gallon minimum tank and other sources say a 5 gallon is just fine. Is this 5 gallon tank...
  6. maddi7777

    African Dwarf Frog floating at top of tank??

    I currently have two african dwarf frogs in a 10 gallon tank. One of them continuously floats at the top, without moving. He looks stiff and lethargic. He also only moves when I poke him. Is he dying? What should I do? Should I put him in a smaller container so he doesn’t have to work so hard to...
  7. maddi7777

    Goldfish trying to jump out of tank??

    I have a blackmoor goldfish who lives in a 20 gallon tank. He appears happy and healthy and all of the water parameters are exactly where I want them, however, I find that he often darts to the top of the tank and breaks the surface of the water, and it looks like he is trying to jump out of the...
  8. maddi7777

    Dwarf Gourami with African Dwarf Frogs

    I recently tried to put a dwarf gourami with my Betta in his 10 gallon tank but my betta was very mean to him and attacked him. I then had to move the dwarf gourami into a 10 gallon tank with 2 african dwarf frogs. Will he be okay in this sized tank? Will he need another dwarf gourami in his...