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    RCS dying

    Hey guys been a minute since I've been on here but just wanted to ask for some advice. I purchased 10 RCS for my community tank a few months back. They were doing great, or so I thought. Within the past 2 weeks I've noticed a disappearance of most, I e found 3 dead, a 4th literally 5 minutes ago...
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    Identify this fish?

    Just bought some extra Harlequin Rasbora for my tank and noticed this little guy in with them. It's alot more slender than the rest, more silver in colour and it's markings are totally different, but any help identifying would be great!
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    Betta scape

    So since I had to removed my Betta from my community tank as she was becoming more and more aggressive, she's now got her own tank just for her A little 22L Aquaone nano tank.
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    So I had to remove my Betta from my community tank as she started to get more and more aggressive recently. Fine for over 6 months but the past couple weeks she's changed. Saw her attack a few shrimp in quick succession and that was her out. She's now in her own 25l tank and I think will be...
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    New 1gal Nano Scape!

    So I had this one gallon bowl for awhile and never had anything to go in it. Yesterday I got super bored so I figured I'd finally do something and here's my tinie tiny 1gallon scape. :D Couple of marimo moss balls Fine sand substrate A couple Bacopa cut offs from my main tank and a couple of...
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    Changing to Sponge filter?

    Hey guys, me again I currently have an Interpret pf2 for my 15gal planted long tank that's stocked with amano shrimp, rasbora, Cory's and a single female betta. But starting to think the flow is alittle too much particularly for my Betta, plus is an absolute pain to clean. I've not much...
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    Identify this Shrimp

    I bought 5 Amaro shrimp when I first set up my tank, and one has always been alot bigger than the others. I put this down to it being a female. It also doesn't seem to do much cleaning like the others do. It basically steals a pellet of food and sit on a rock munching away. But after looking at...
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    Floating plants

    Hey guys, I have a 60l long, shallow and open top tank. I have harlequin rasboras and Cory's in my tank and as I've no top, floating plants as far as I've researched are kind of a must to make the fish feel at ease. At the moment I have some floating sal, but I am forever finding it melting away...
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    One month on!

    One month on! Tank fully stocked now - don't think there's room for anything else anyway - but correct me if I'm wrong! A few more shrimp or a snail possibly? Stocked with 5 amano shrimp, 6 peppered cories. 9 harlequin rasbora and a single female koi Betta, who is the most chilled one in the...
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    Betta eye issue

    Any ideas on what this could be. Only affecting the left eye. Almost looks like something is stuck on her eye. Thought maybe it's cloudy eye but thought that effected inside the eye rather than being on the outside
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    Java moss/willow moss??

    Hey guys, I recently started my planted tank and have hairgrass growing, but started noticing small strands running through the grass that I believe is either java moss or willow moss. 8 didn't order this so whatever it is has hitchhiked into the tank. Just wondering what course of action I...
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    Silent cycling query!

    Hey guys, so im silent cycling my 60l heavily planted tank. Only been about 10 days that it's been set up, but the plants are already growing nicely with my bacopa pretty much doubling in size already! Crazy quick growing plant! I've some floating plants, hair grass, java fern, java moss and a...
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    New member, first 60l tank stocking ideas?

    Hey guys, new member here from the UK and have recently set up my first tank. It is a 60l shallow tank. Dimensions: 80cm length, 30cm width, and 25cm height Initially set up as my first planted aquascape, but with the plan to add fish once is has been cycled and more mature. Has two large...