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    Bacter AE

    I have been using this in my shrimp only tank with great results seems to increase survivability of the babies. Normally what i do is move my shrimp from this tank to my other community tanks over time. Now i do have lots of hiding places in my community tanks but never really consider shrimp...
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    Why are Shrimp out of stock

    I realize it is a crazy time, but I just happened to start my tank right before this mess. Figured since I was at home the whole time I would get some cherry shrimp. Everywhere I look online or local pet store all but maybe the crazy expensive shrimp are out of stock. Fish you can get...
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    Are rainbow fish schooling fish?

    Was thinking of adding a couple Rainbow fish (Dwarf Neon or Turquoise) to my 55 G tank. I have some red eye and lemon tetra's in there right now with some ottos. I am finding conflicting information online on whether Rainbows are schooling fish or not? I was thinking of getting 2 maybe 3...
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    Upgrading led lighting on Aqueon hood

    Like a lot of folks I got a start kit from Aqueon and while I like it I would like to upgrade the lighting. I realize I could just check the 2- 24 inch led hoods on my 55 and start over but was thinking someone would be clever enough to thought of a way of upgrading those hoods. I don't see...
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    Nitrogen cycle "new fish syndrome" question

    I do understand the nitrogen cycle since that is a newbie issue I know. Putting in a smaller tank for my daughter, put in some filter media from my tank to jump start bacteria. Now with nothing in the tank other than plants there should be zero ammonia right? 6 Neon Tetra's dead overnight and...