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    Can I keep Frontosa with...?

    Hello, I have a tank with Lake Malawi Cichlids in at the moment. Can I keep some Frontosa in there even though they are from a different lake? The fish I have are: Pseudotropheus Zebra red Pseudotropheus socolofi Pseudotropheus Neon Spot Will these get on ok with the Frontosa? Thanks
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    Fluval 3 filter

    I just bought a second hand tank and it came with a Fluval 3 filter. Only thing is, it came in bits and I don't know how to put it back together. It is one of the older Fluval 3 filters. Does any1 know how they should be put together? Thanks
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    Breeding age

    Is 6 months to old for a male halfmoon to breed?
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    Buying Betta's in the UK

    Does anyone know any good places to buy really nice Betta's (not veiltail) for Breeding? I have alerady checked K.G.Betta's and they look good :D Does anyone else know where to buy them? Thanks for your help
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    Blue Rams breeding

    what does it look like when blue rams breed? what do they do? I think mine are breeeding or they are just acting strangely to each other. Thanks in advance
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    the average amount of fry??

    Hi, what is the average amount of fry that survive from each breeding?
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    Drip Emitters

    Where can I buy Drip Emitters from in the UK? Is there any websites to order them from? Any help welcome of course! Thanks
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    Pruning Amazon Sword

    My amazon swords are overgrown! how do I prune them back? Do I pick out the really long leaves or cut them at the bottom of the stem?
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    Strange behaviour

    I have 3 of these orangey yellowy fish (sorry dont know their names) and two of them sometimes go side by side to each other and then one of them like nose dives the gravel a couple of times and pull up some gravel and drop it back down again. Then they sort of shiver then swim away together...
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    Anyone Bought this??

    It is advertised on the homepage to this website. has anyone got this and would they recomend it? the link to it just in case:
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    group picture

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    Feeding lake malwi Cichlids

    Hi, I got my cichlids on saturday. I currently feed them on these vegetable wafers, Spirluna algae wafers and carfish pellets. is this ok? what else should I feed them on? Are blood worms ok to feed the fish? thanks to everyone that does help ta
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    My fish trying to itch

    My lake malawi cichlids are itching themselves on the gravel, they haven't got any whitespots yet, shall I treat them or is it just stress?
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    Anubias motherplant??

    is the mother plant the one the reproduces or something? anybody know?
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    moving my tanks

    Hi, I am planning on moving my tank due to various reasons. It is a 3ft planted tank with 2 Discus and various other fish. I need to move this tank into another room. Any useful ideas on moving this tank are welcome Thankyou
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    Mince meat

    This is an oldfashioned way to mature your tank and to grow the bacteria. Get a small amount of mincemeat and put it in a sandwich bag then Tie it up. The drop it in the tank for a week and !!magic!! Your tank has the bacteris needed for keeping fish Sorry I dont know the technical bits about...
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    Beanie Boxes!!

    I really want to start breeding Betta's and want to have my own barrracks. I heard most people use beanie boxes, Where can I get them from? dont say I have to go and buy the bears! So anybody know??
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    Just wondered if there was any1 from england that has used
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    leapord frog

    This is 1 of the nicest plecs I have ever seen, very nice and a cheaper version of the zebra plec. What a stupid name tho for a plec. Search it on google for a picture
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