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  1. steelhealr

    Death Of A Nano Cube

    Hi all. I have often counseled members that 'all inclusive' tank systems are not the best. I guess, for starter-outers, they are OK. Electronics included in a packed-in hood are frequently subject to moisture, salt, corrosion and equipment failure. Replacing parts ofttimes is challenging...
  2. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    Looking in my tank today, I thought I had parasites. The one piece of wood I had in there was moving. Lo and behold...FRY. Babies. I'm a DAD. LOL. I added kribs about a month or so ago. In almost a decade of fishkeeping, this is a first. I have to go back and hit the books. SH
  3. steelhealr

    My Top Ten Favorites

    After eight years in the 'fish biz' in both salt and fresh, I thought I would post what I thought were really cool and fun fish to own (or utilitarian). Now, I'm just putting FW down and I'm NOT suggesting you buy these. By observation, these guys (?gals) just seem to be fascinating to watch. If...
  4. steelhealr


    Nearly 8 years ago I set up my first FW aquarium, a 46G bow front. My first 4 fish were two white skirt tetras and two tiny little silvery 'iridescent' fish that were each only 1 1/2 " long. Two of those fish are still alive after all this time. No one told me tho' that they could grow up to 3...
  5. steelhealr

    Faith In Humanity

    A smile for the day
  6. steelhealr

    Iridescent Sharks

    Made the newbies mistake 6 years ago and they are still here and still alive. Way too big for my 46G. Anyone interested for more information feel free to PM. SH
  7. steelhealr

    Ro Unit Questions

    Hi all...if anyone knows of any other good RO unit threads, I'd be happy to post them in the resource center. Since there are many recurrent questions, I found some old links and pinned them in this section. Hope this helps. SH
  8. steelhealr

    The Final Vote

    Hi all. These were the two most popular choices for the new proposed General Chat Section. There is no abstain choice. If either one is not to your approval you can simply choose not to vote. The final result will be offered to admin :big_boss: :good: SH
  9. steelhealr

    Salinity And Specific Gravity

    To all: specific gravity and salinity are NOT interchangeable. They are different measurements and refer to different properties of water or liquids. Salinity is a percentage whereas specific gravity is a ratio: Specific gravity and salnity FYI :book: SH
  10. steelhealr

    You Can Vote...... SH
  11. steelhealr

    General Chat, The Vote

    Hi all.....membership has it's advantages (old American Express commercial). Your input counts. :good: :cool: SH
  12. steelhealr

    Giant Isopod

    Have a look. Scary. Giant scary isopod SH
  13. steelhealr

    Marine Members

    Since many of us here are 'south of the border' here at TFF, I wanted to alert our section that a General Chat forum will be returning. I have posted a note in Tropical Discussion re: a call for a name for the new forum. Have fun. SH
  14. steelhealr

    General Chat, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

    To all our members: After much discussion, the moderators and admin have decided to reinstate a general chat forum on an interim basis. Although we are still in the 'under construction' phase, we are looking for a name for our new forum. Therefore, we are going to turn it over to our members...
  15. steelhealr

    Would You Rather.......

    OK....a little aquarium humor based on a hot new game out there. SH :hyper:
  16. steelhealr

    Low Oxygen Zones In The Ocean

    Interesting but sad: SH
  17. steelhealr

    Tff Newsletter Is Out

    The TFF newsletter is out and features a SW tank...Jennybugs. The newsletter tab is a the top of the main page. BigC did a great job. SH
  18. steelhealr

    Turkey Burgers

    1/8 cup thinly sliced scallions 1/4 cup finely chopped celery 1/2 - 3/4's peeled and finely chopped Granny Smith apple Canola oil 2 lbs of ground turkey 1 tblsp salt 1 tsp ground pepper 1 tsp Tabasco Chipotle pepper sauce 1/2 lemon, juiced and grated zest Chopped parsley if desired 1/8 cup...
  19. steelhealr

    Connecting Your Reverse Osmosis Ro Filter

    Options for Connecting Your RO Unit Many of you know that one of the best choices that you can make for your marine aquarium is using pure water. This can come from a reverse osmosis/deionizing filter (RO/DI), purchasing distilled water, or, if you are sure of your supplier, purchasing water or...
  20. steelhealr

    Verizon Droid

    Hi....I am due for an upgrade to my cell phone. I have the BB Curve 8330 which I love. Stay with it? Anyone have the Droid? Do you like it? SH