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  1. JMuth

    Tank Emergency; Gold fish is red, fish are lethargic, danio has ich

    Tank size: ~5 Gal. US pH:7.8 (This is what it has been since I started measuring) ammonia: >0ppm (just the slightest hint of green, not enough to put it at .25, but more than 0) nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: 40 ppm kH: Unknown gH: Unknown tank temp: 80F Fish Symptoms (include full description...
  2. JMuth

    A lot of questions; New Tank size, outdoors, rehoming and more

    So I’ll start with the main questions I’m looking for answers for: 1) How big of a tank should I get and how can I stock it? (I have some fish already in desperate need of an upgrade) 2) How should I rehome my goldfish? (There’s a few options and a lot of questions) 3) How do I work with weight...
  3. JMuth

    New here and new to fish: Any ideas?

    So I’m pretty new to this whole fish keeping thing, and I’m trying to do my best for my little guys. I rescued these from a friend who had me feeding them while he traveled. Once he got back he said he didn’t really want them any more so I could keep them or he would use them as fish bait...