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  1. Colin_T

    Where's Juicebox?

    Is Juicebox52 still around?
  2. Colin_T

    Have to keep logging in

    I logged in during the day and all was good. I come on tonight and have to log back in. After logging in I got a message pop up on the bottom of the screen. It is on a grey background and says "The active user has changed. Reload the page for the latest version". I reload the page and am...
  3. Colin_T

    Repeating add causing lag and overheating my pc

    Today I have been getting an add that keeps reappearing after I click the x and close the add. It's a stupid "Spreads from Markets" add. I have reported the add dozens of times and it keeps popping back up straight after I close it. The add is below. While this has been going on, I have been...
  4. Colin_T

    How do we turn off auto correct?

    I am trying to type in re-dose (without the - in the word) in a thread and the stupid piece of crap auto correct keeps changing the word to redoes. This is pissing me off. How do we turn auto correct off so it doesn't do this?
  5. Colin_T

    Monkeys take over cities in Thailand :)

    This is real and not made up. Thousands of monkeys are going ape sit and have taken to the streets in cities in Thailand and are attacking people. This is so funny I am pissing myself laughing while watching the news about it. The monkeys normally live in the forests and come into the cities...
  6. Colin_T

    Documentary on Australia's east coast

    Not sure where documentaries go but the ABC is currently showing a series of documentaries about Australia's east coast. It is primarily about the ocean but also covers the islands along the coast. It has some really nice underwater footage. If anyone is interested, there are 3 episodes, 2 have...
  7. Colin_T

    My facebook account got cancelled

    I have to laugh about this. My facebook account has just been cancelled. No idea why and no way of appealing or even finding out why it was cancelled because I have to give them a mobile phone number to appeal it and I don't have a phone. Presumably it was cancelled because I posted a message...
  8. Colin_T

    Culturally Inappropriate Shows Removed From Television

    On the news a moment ago they announced that lots of shows are being removed from television because they are deemed "Culturally Inappropriate". One of the shows that has been removed is Gone with the Wind. Now whilst the TV stations are removing things that offend black people, they are still...
  9. Colin_T

    New Post page resetting continuously.

    Today, the page I view for new posts, is constantly resetting and showing all the posts, not just the new ones that I haven't viewed since they were last updated. This is the link I normally use for viewing the new posts. I have the link open...
  10. Colin_T

    Cricketers must play with their own balls

    On channel 9 news just then they had a story on the Australian cricket team. They went on about covid19 and how the players must use their own equipment including their own balls. The news reader stated, cricketers must play with their own balls and are not allowed to player with other player's...
  11. Colin_T

    Man who frees trapped whale being charged by Department of Fisheries

    A man who freed a baby whale that was trapped in a shark net is being charged by the Department of Fisheries for tampering with shark nets. Typical bloody idiot government department. Set up shark nets that catch and kill everything except for sharks, and someone saves an endangered whale and...
  12. Colin_T

    If you had a time machine ...

    Hypothetical scenario. You are given a time machine that lets you travel back and forth in time. When and where would you go and why would you go to those places? I would go back a couple of hundred years and save all the plants and animals that humans have wiped out, then bring them forward to...
  13. Colin_T

    Word Association Game

    I thought this might be fun on this forum at this time in human history. I'm stealing the idea from one of the bird forums I am on. Basically I write a word and other members put a word that relates to that word. The next person writes a word that is related to the previously posted word. Only 1...
  14. Colin_T

    Can't post responses or use the like buttons

    I posted a couple of responses and didn't have any problems. Then I tried to Like someone's post and got an error message. Now I can't post any responses and keep getting the same error message.
  15. Colin_T

    What is VOIP and how do you use it?

    I'm pretty sure my internet company said I could make phone calls over the internet using VOIP. However, they have not told me how to set it up or use it. Does anyone know what it is and how I set it up and use it? I'm doing this because I don't have a telephone and the virus outbreak is...
  16. Colin_T

    Post locking up

    I was trying to write post at the following link (post #10). I wrote most of it but when I tried to do the last 2 lines, I was unable to type anything. It's like the replay box had a limited number of characters in it and they were all used up. I don't know if that is what happened but that is...
  17. Colin_T

    Possible Virus on forum

    For the last 2 days I have been getting a small window pop up at the bottom of my screen. It says: "What do you want to do with index.html (7.0KB)? From:" It has buttons for Open Save Cancel This pops up randomly on different threads in this forum but...
  18. Colin_T

    darken the background

    Seriously, I can't read or follow most of the threads here now since the new forum. Darken the background and get rid of the white.
  19. Colin_T

    Text changing font

    When I type a message, thread or post, the text font will change by itself and some of the text will be one font and the rest in a different font. This has been going on since the new site started. Below are a couple of examples. post...
  20. Colin_T

    Have to keep logging in

    For the last 2 days I have had to log in every time I come to the forum. Please note, I have ticked the box that says (automatically log me in every time). Basically I click the link to this site that is in my favorites. The website loads up and I am not logged in. I have to log in. If I...