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  1. Pareeeee

    Green water/algae bloom

    I know it's not unheard of when tanks are only a few months old to have an algae bloom. I've been trying to get even a little control of it but to no avail. Background: It started after I added some osmocote root tabs deep under the sand substrate. I pushed the tabs all the way to the bottom...
  2. Pareeeee

    33 gallon long stocking suggestions?

    Ok so my tank has been fully cycled for about a week and I'm ready to add fish but can't decide what I want. I need some good algae eater suggestions as well - algae is trying to take over while plants begin to take hold. All fish need to be plant and shrimp-compatible. Thinking of doing a...
  3. Pareeeee

    Best options for lowering pH?

    My pH is over 8 right out of the tap, which obviously makes things a little difficult. What are some good ways of lowering it? I've heard adding catappa or oak leaves is a great, natural way to do so, but I don't really want brown water in my aquarium. Is there something similar that doesn't...
  4. Pareeeee

    It's been a long time

    ...but I'm finally back. Some of the "old timers" might remember me as "characin_gal" back in the early 2000's. Anyway, I finally got a "real" tank again (I've only had a 10gal for the last several years). The new tank is 33gal with PFS substrate - going to try out a convex aquascape since I've...