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  1. Warriors

    Algae help

    hi there everyone just would like some help with this type of algae i would like to know what is it and what is causing it to happen and some help in preventing it please i am using easylife fertilizer and doing half the recommended dose as i do not have many plants in the tank the root plants...
  2. Warriors

    help from a local hobbyist

    hi there everyone i was just wondering if any members who know about sumps live around the East London poplar area or close by that would not mind meeting and giving me some advise on my setup. i have a 6x2x2 tank and sump the reason i am asking is it is all working but not sure if my flow...
  3. Warriors

    Balancing my flow with the sump

    hi there everyone i have just setup my 150gal with a 30gal sump I have installed a bean animal overflow I seem to have everything sorted it is running silent and level on the dorso pipe is where it should be all seem to be okish the only problem I seem to have is when i get the level in the...
  4. Warriors

    PVC U glue & primer

    hi there everyone can you please help I need to get some glue/cement and primer for my pipework anyone know where I can get both from in a store in London area and what they recommend brand wise regards Gary
  5. Warriors

    Led lights

    hi there peeps new to the forum so hello everyone I have a question for you all if you can help I am in the process of getting a 6x2x2 tank it will be a community tank with some low to medium light plants. my question is what brand of led light or lights should I be looking at to give me the...
  6. Warriors

    Hello Everyone

    hi there my name is Gary and been doing the hobby for nearly a year so still a greenhorn but have got very addicted to it.. I started of with a 3ft tank but there are so many beautiful fish out there that I want them all but understand that is not possible but I have now invested in a 6x2x2...