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  1. Metalhead88

    Jack Dempsey tank mates 100g

    salvini, green terror, convict I'd stay away from the severum....they are very peaceful considering their size. They better fit into the south american type of tank
  2. Metalhead88

    Happy oscar

    Very nice!
  3. Metalhead88

    Warning!!! Fluval kills fish!!!!

    Those filters have been keeping my fish alive for......20 years or so. No issues. Those filters are amazing.
  4. Metalhead88

    fluval 7000k AVOID!!!!!!!

    Not seeing anything wrong here. Sounds like you don't understand how the cycled works and why you'd have nitrates.
  5. Metalhead88

    Fluval Aqua Clear Murdered my two Peppered Corydoras within 24 hours!

    These filters are great. The 110 pulls in quite a bit of water and I'd expect small fish to get stuck to the inlet as it comes out of the box. I use pre filter sponges to avoid this. No issues in years of use with the pre filter sponge with small fish on the ac 110. It is very likely as well...
  6. Metalhead88

    plants not growing

    There is no such thing as liquid co2 under normal atmospheric conditions. Post a picture of the tank and plants not doing well and answer above questions.
  7. Metalhead88

    What do I do with these plants ...

    Agree with all of the above. Rhizomes on all plants here cannot be under gravel or they will rot.
  8. Metalhead88

    Severum x Flowerhorn

    I'd say unlikely that they even try to pair. Then eggs need to get fertilized.... If that's even possible.
  9. Metalhead88

    How long is your fishes poop, can it beat mine.

    Hahaha. Ive found that live bearers have long poops probably from picking on algea......but that is a very long poop. You win.
  10. Metalhead88

    How much water do you change and how often and for what? Readers want to know!

    55 gallon Planted community tank gets a 50% water change 90 gallon cichlid tank gets a 75% Both once a week
  11. Metalhead88

    Looking for Sink help

    Perfect. That was the best option.
  12. Metalhead88

    Looking for Sink help

    Not sure if this is the exact size, but something like this would work for the bathroom as well...
  13. Metalhead88

    Looking for Sink help

    bathroom sink should have an aerator that twists off and you can get an adapter to fit the python in. Alternatively, you can fill a bucket in the sink and drop a submersible pump in to fill.
  14. Metalhead88

    Fish identity

    Looks like some sort of goby
  15. Metalhead88

    Oscar stocking ideas

    severum, chocolate cichlid, blue acara, geophagus, paratilapia bleekeri Avoid large very aggressive fish from central american like jack dempsey, red devil, and jaguar. Also, I'm sure that this has been mentioned already, but anything that fits in its mouth is food.
  16. Metalhead88

    Peppered Corys in 125 Gallons

    If you like neon, cardinals are the way to go. They look better in my opinion, are slightly larger, and absolutely not as sensitive.
  17. Metalhead88

    Peppered Corys in 125 Gallons

    I agree.
  18. Metalhead88

    Jack dempsey dither fish

    Jack dempseys are very aggressive fish. I've found this to be much more evident when they reach their max size of around 12'' At the size of your fish, full grown (or near) giant danios will be just fine for the time being. As the JD's grow, they danios must be removed or they will more than...
  19. Metalhead88

    Question on filters

    Also just to add, if your filter tanks cartridges, you can cut a sponge to size and fit it into your filter. Sponges are much more effective, have more surface area, do not waste space inside the filter, and also will last forever. As always, rinse and clean filter media as needed in a bucket...
  20. Metalhead88

    Question on filters

    While most cartridges say to change once per month, this is the biggest scam and worst advise you can be given in the aquarium hobby. Most beneficial bacteria lives in your filter. By changing cartridges, you are also removing your beneficial bacteria. So many new fish keepers fall victim to...