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  1. Metalhead88

    Schooling fish recommendations for 55 gallon tank.

    So a friend of mine was going to buy a bunch of Serpae Tetras and I offered to give him the 15 or so that I have in my 55. I haven't had any issues with them, I just wanted to go a different route with the tank. So now I'm looking into some schooling fish species (possibly 2) for my 55 gallon...
  2. Metalhead88

    Seachem Iron

    A co worker gave me a bottle of flourish and seachem iron. I already use flourish but am not familiar with what iron would be used for. I haven't done any research on this yet so I figured I'd start here. What is this normally used for? Is it something I can make use of? Hold on to? Or just...
  3. Metalhead88

    What kind of snail?

    I found 2 of these guys this morning. I have never seen them before, they must have hitched hiked in. I inspect the tank multiple times per day. The last time I added plants was over a month ago. I have malaysian trumpet snails in this tank already.
  4. Metalhead88

    Trouble in both tanks.

    I have a 55 and 90 gallon tank and I'm having some trouble in both tanks. I'm concerned that maybe I have some sort of cross contamination going on as well. The 55 has a ram that looks like he will not make it, and the 90 has a red severum that is breathing weird as well as not eating (1 day)...
  5. Metalhead88

    What is this?!

    I noticed when I got my red severum about 6 months ago, an indented mark near his gills. I thought that he had it on both sides so I didn't think anything of it....untill right now when I finally realized it was on only one side. The mark has gotten bigger, I'd say it was proportional to his...
  6. Metalhead88

    Plant ID

    I received these as an added bonus to an online order as a "free mystery plant" I almost tossed when I first received it as it was a few stems about 3 inches long and in questionable shape. I said screw it, planted it, and within a few weeks they have grown 6 inches or so and have produced...
  7. Metalhead88

    Eggs!!! or not...

    So last night in a recently setup tank houses a male and female Apistogramma Cacatuoides I noticed the female guarding and hanging in a spot that she normally doesn't go near by. I immediately thought she must have laid eggs. Sure enough she did. I tried getting a picture of them, but couldn't...
  8. Metalhead88

    ID this plant

    I picked up this plant based on a LFS recommendation.... Already forgot what it's called. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  9. Metalhead88

    I need a new light for the 55. Finnex HLC?

    I need a new light for my 55 gallon community tank. I have just one piece of driftwood with some Java moss and at the moment. I plan to plant more heavily with better lighting. After a little bit of shopping and researching, I belive I've found the one. The Finnex planted plus HLC 48 inch for...
  10. Metalhead88

    Help stock this 55

    A little while ago, I upgraded from a 55 gallon to a 90. I planned on selling the 55, but never got around to it. So.......I have this 55 gallon, spare heater, filters, decor and everything that I need to set this up except for substrate. I'll be using sand. I'm in the brainstorming phase here...
  11. Metalhead88

    A danio committed suicide

    When I came home today, I noticed that a giant danio seemed to be missing. After further investigation I found it dried up on the ground. This happened on a 4ft 90 gallon tank with 3 American cichlids and all had been great so far. I purposely made sure the lid was tight since I'm aware that...
  12. Metalhead88

    Anyone familiar with Coralife T5?

    I purchased a 90 gallon tank and it came with a somewhat new Coralife T5 48inch fixture. The fixture seems pretty good. It has 2 bulbs. One is a 10,000k bulb and the other is a blue bulb. During testing, it seemed a little too blue for my...
  13. Metalhead88

    Sand or gravel?

    If all goes as planned, I'll soon be upgrading and setting up a larger tank for my american cichlids and I'm just brainstorming for some ideas. The new tank is a 90g. I have a convict, blood parrot, salvini, and raphael catfish that will be moved to the 90g I was pretty much dead set on a...
  14. Metalhead88


    Hello everyone, I've recently become more interested with my tank and fish keeping now that my tank is finally at my residence. And I'm shopping around for a 6 foot tank either a 125 or 150, whatever I can get my hands on for a reasonable price. I've kept fish for my entire life and I'm 31...