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  1. Russjw

    Thank you and good night

    Your friends have good taste RV :friends:
  2. Russjw

    River Woodland 29g

    They are lovely little fish:fish: Was planning one getting some Rasbora's but these was eye catching instore:wub: im a sucker for barbs tho.
  3. Russjw

    River Woodland 29g

    Desmopuntius Pentazona Added to my Barb collection this weekend with a group of 5 banded. Can anymore confirm the males are slightly smaller with a red tinge to their bodies. 99.9% thats right??
  4. Russjw

    River Creek 22g

    From the beginning ive always wanted some Rummy Nose Tetra but always ended up going down a different route for one reason or another. I saw them a couple of years ago in a group of 100+ at maidenhead aquatics and loved how they schooled tightly. :wub: Probably the best schooling fish going...
  5. Russjw

    Can a betta be in a community tank?

    77f (25c) is fine for Zebra danios. Whats your tank dimensions?
  6. Russjw

    Can a betta be in a community tank?

    Unfortunately not :( Betta's are beautiful fish but arent for a community environment. Better going for something like honey gourami's :)
  7. Russjw


    You can gain rapid promotion in status/rank by just playing the many word association games on TTF lol :rofl: It is a little floored really just going of how many posts youve made
  8. Russjw

    Byron Update

    All the best Byron, hope the surgery goes well and i wish you a speedy recovery back to your best. TFF is certainly not the same without you.. Take it easy and take care my friend
  9. Russjw

    Office Space

    Hi Sean, not been on for a while. Hows your tanks going? Love your sparkling gourami's :wub:
  10. Russjw

    Odessa Barb: Do I have any females? (video)

    I could do with 3 more males lol. I wanted a group of 12 with an even ratio but my lFS only had 3 males at the time so i had to go with a group of 9 instead. I did intend to up the males to 6 but didnt want to disturpt the group and start a new pecking order dispute in the end
  11. Russjw

    Odessa Barb: Do I have any females? (video)

    Defo all male :flex: maybe difficult to add females now unless you get a decent size group. Ideally need even ratio or more female than males.
  12. Russjw


    Yes id second Cherry barbs, perfect for a 29g :)
  13. Russjw

    Experience with Odessa Barbs: Not good

    Never had a problem with my Odessa's. Not aggresive in the slightest. If you have a decent size group with the right male to female ratio they are great fish for a well chosen community tank. Best to have an even ratio or at least more females than males
  14. Russjw


    Such a big miss on the forum. I wish you more strength with each coming day Byron and hope you have the speediest of recoveries! Take care buddy :)
  15. Russjw

    Which fish should I buy

    :( Ive never had issues with Panda's. Must be overbreed in the US
  16. Russjw

    63g - new build

    Pearl gourami's are beautiful fish but are a big no no with barbs.
  17. Russjw

    63g - new build

    Looking good, nice and natural :good: colour of the new sands lovely :wub:
  18. Russjw

    River Creek 22g

    Wow! thats an amazing connection. Sounds a real interesting tank too :) Thanks for sharing that
  19. Russjw

    River Creek 22g

    Yes but normally after they say.....not another tank lol:rofl: They are a nice talking point tbf. People are just drawn to the fish tanks which is nice:)
  20. Russjw

    River Creek 22g

    I was contemplating knocking this tank up to 27c today when i was viewing some golden Rams lol. Their was a stunning male but id have to move my Honeys which i didnt think was fair. Maybe another time