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  1. Russjw

    Any Light recommendations??

    Hi Peeps, Need a replacement LED for my 29g. The light i need to replace is what come with the tank (Tetra al 16w 70cm) similar to the below pic. Its had a loose connection for a good while but ive managed to fix it and kept it going until the past day. I tried to replace it a while back with...
  2. Russjw

    Views at sea

    Down dorset at the moment and we have 9 cruise ships docked just off the bay. Magnificent to view up close on a boat cruise we did. Almost as spectacular as the dolphins we had as company :)
  3. Russjw

    Canisters or sump??

    If you had a 6ft 600+ litre tank (160g+), would you use canisters or a sump?
  4. Russjw

    Meal or mates

    Anyone housed Honey gourami's with cherry shrimp before. Im aware shrimp fry may be picked off but was wondering if adult shrimp would be ok or seen as food?:crazy:
  5. Russjw

    Dwarf corydoras

    Looking into dwarf corydoras :) Quite like the salt and peppers but wondered if anyone could recommend others or have had experience with the salt and peppers you could share. I gather they need a big group to be content which i would provided. They would go in a 22g long with Cardinal...
  6. Russjw

    Apisto's GH

    Morning/Afternoon TFF Im about to purchase some Apistogramma's for a tank ive just set up and most ive looked into have a range of GH up to 268ppm (mines around 160ppm) However the Panduro only has a range 0 to 90ppm. Is this correct? Or is this just for wild caught Panduro's
  7. Russjw

    Apistogramma / water changes

    Seriously fish says large water changes are best avoided with 10-15% weekly adequate for Apistogramma's. Is this right? I normally change 50-75% on my tanks:dunno:
  8. Russjw

    River Creek 22g

    22 g is now set up and in cycle :D Ive saved this tank from the scrap heap. Resealed it and put new trim on so its looking like new now :) Ive built up some new units so i could put my 15g next to it which i really like. Ive adjusted my scape in the 15g to link the two tanks together. Got a...
  9. Russjw

    Outdoor pond

    Im planning to build a bar and seating area in our garden with a wrap around pond. How deep would you make the pond?
  10. Russjw

    GH change

    Had a interesting phone call with my local water board yesterday. While i was on i wanted to double check with them about the GH of my water and i was shocked to learn my water is softer than i thought. I doubled checked online and it turns out my water is 163ppm (9Gh) which flabbergasted me...
  11. Russjw

    Dwarf Cichlids

    Planning to get a large tank at some point to either make a bigger barb community tank or to do Cichlids. Ive just restored a 90x30x30 (22 long) tank which i thought would be a good idea to try some Cichlids to see if i like them before going big. So im thinking along the lines of dwarf...
  12. Russjw

    Aquarium sealant

    Good morning/afternoon TFF As anyone used aquarium sealant before? I resealed a tank yesterday and was wondering how long to leave it to dry before adding water to the tank. Online says it cures in 24hrs but it reaches maximum adhesion in 7 days. Some people leave it 48hrs others leave it...
  13. Russjw

    Restoration Tank

    Got myself a little project and resto :D Was thinking of buying another tank this morning to house my Bn pleco because hes wrecking my 29g planted tank. Then i remembered i saw a old tank up the shed a while back which was my sister-in-laws. So....ive dug it out and give it a quick brush...
  14. Russjw

    Synodontis petricola

    Anyone kept the Cuckoo Catfish before? Looking at substrate fish options for my Barb community tank and i really like these guys. (Got no small fish in the tank) So far its either going to be a big group of corydoras, a Rainbow shark or maybe some of these. Just wondered what they were like...
  15. Russjw

    Rainbows v Barbs

    Anyone done a Rainbow shark with Barbs? Id like to know if there compatible
  16. Russjw

    Lead strapes

    Are the little lead straps what come around plants ok to leave on in your tank? Ive got some hornwort what doesnt need to be planted in my sand and id like to leave it on if possible. Hornwort doesnt anchor with its roots like my other plants so this would cure that problem if i could.
  17. Russjw

    Water sprite / spangles maintance

    Ive got water sprite (Ceratopteris cornuta) in all my tanks. Grows like wild fire. Do i need to do any upkeep on it to keep it healthy in the coming months? So far ive let it be and just taken some out when it covers too much of the surface. Same question on water spangles pls I put the...
  18. Russjw

    Posting pictures

    Anyone else having trouble with attaching photos lately?? It works fine sometimes but then it wont upload certain pictures (this includes small MB pictures and ones ive uploaded on the site in recent weeks what worked before) I just attached 4 photos to a thread ive done and had over 20...
  19. Russjw

    River Woodland 29g

    Planning to rescape my Son's 105ltr tank soon. Its just over a year old now and i feel it needs some extra love. Ive always looked after it as i should but its sort of in my Roma 200s shadow (Dads tank lol) when it comes to time spent doing it up (that and i was more of a novice back when i did...
  20. Russjw


    Anyone else spend loads on their tanks? At the begining I thought once i got the tanks set up and stocked it would just be fish food and water conditioner etc little bits and bobs here and there. I spend a fair bit on my 3 tanks, always trying to improve them as much as i can. Ive just sat...