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  1. EllRog


    Anyone else in the UK running around their house today monitoring tank temperatures? I've got my sponge filters turned up, all doors and windows open and poor Kev the koi betta in a jar. His tank was reading at 86F when I rushed in from work! Bloody nightmare!
  2. EllRog

    Sergio, David & Kev

    Thought I'd share my newest males with you all. Sergio, David & Kev..
  3. EllRog

    Poorly Betta

    So, I was at my LFS today and noticed a female crown tail, laying on her side in the tank. I enquired about her health and the employee said they'd had her for "a while" and that she hadn't shown signs of illness before. After inspecting the fish and her conditions I noticed the flow in her tank...
  4. EllRog


    Thought I'd share a picture of one of my new dumbo females. Still useless at taking photo's of moving fish (lol) but I really quite like her.
  5. EllRog

    Taking the plant plunge!

    Today is the day that I stop being so lazy, break down my 165L, clean it up and start again. The plan is too heavily plant it and keep the plants alive! I had 50KG of play sand delivered this morning in preparation for the tank as I want a change from black gravel and I also have a bottle of...
  6. EllRog

    Live food

    Hello guys, So @Retired Viking has inspired me to collect my own mosquito larvae. (I've set up buckets of dechlorinated tap water, mixed with rain water in the garden. Is this right?) I have my own brine shrimp hatchery that's been running for a while to feed up breeding pairs and their fry...
  7. EllRog

    Digital thermometers?

    Hello again all, I'm looking through Ebay and decided I wanted to pick up a few digital thermometers for my tanks. Nothing too high tech. Theres sooo many options and to be honest, all I want is one that's accurate and doesn't cost a bomb. Will any of them do the job or is there something I...
  8. EllRog

    Making progress!

    I finally took the plunge today and rehomed the swordtails, guppys and plattys that I spawned and raised from fry! Can now break down my 175L, clean it up and sell. Feels very strange to stare at a big empty tanks that once held all those little babies and parents lol. Just wanted to get it off...
  9. EllRog

    Fish Addict Anonymous

    The typical thing happened today. I'm out running errands, which takes a while due to this covid lockdown. I decide to swing by pets at home for supplies, I couldn't help myself, but to have a quick look at the fish. I see two female betta's, looking pretty sad, I guess they were at the bottom...
  10. EllRog

    Heater suggestions?

    Was thinking to upgrade the heaters in my tanks as they're just generic cheap ones so my question is.. Is it worth 'upgrading' the heaters to more expensive ones? Is there any real benefit for it? And if so.. What heaters are you guys using? I've not had any problems with using the generic...
  11. EllRog

    What is this?

    Morning all, (its 8am here in the UK.) I rescued this guy from a bucket of cold water and all the previous "keeper" told me was that it's a "catfish". I was wondering if anyone is able to identify what this is? I'd like to be able to nurse it to health before rehoming, but I haven't a clue what...
  12. EllRog

    Plant suggestions

    Hello all, I'm currently setting up a 5GL tank for my teenage sister, she's caught the dreaded bug! She wants to eventually get a betta in there so I was hoping for suggestions on "easy" plants she could purchase. She wont be running any CO2. Although i have planted tanks, I wouldn't say I'm...
  13. EllRog

    Water testing

    What's the best, cost-effective, water testing kit people are using? I go through test strips at a stupid rate and feel as though I should be moving onto something a little more savvy by now. I bought test strips with my first aquarium and have stuck to what I know since so please forgive my...
  14. EllRog

    Dividing a bow front aquarium

    Has anyone found the best method of dividing a bow front aquarium? Whether it's worth making your own or if you can buy a made to size one. I've not had to divide a tank before and wanted advice before I attempt it. Ideally would like the water to be able to pass through the divider as I would...
  15. EllRog

    Anyone from the UK?

    Hello! New to the forum and from the UK, interested to see if there are fellow queen loving, tea drinkers here?