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  1. balajake

    Young Rotkeil Severums For Sale Manchester

    Hi, I have four young rotkeil severums for sale. They are about 8 months old and just starting to colour up. I have 2 at about 3 and a half to four inches and 2 that are smaller. They were all bought at the same time at around 1 inch. They can go together or separate or as two pairs. They are...
  2. balajake

    Absolute Newbie Need Help

    I'm very into cichlids and keep Americans at the moment (sevs,Texas,dempseys, apistos) but for a while now I've had the itch to go into African cichlids. My Americans will be relocating to the kitchen and hopefully next week I can order my new ND 6x2x2. I have the lights,starters etc t5 tubes...
  3. balajake

    Apistogramma Babies

    So they are nearly 3 months old now and getting so much colour. I have around 10 of them and I believe they are almost really to go. 2 are really small which could be female and 7 are huge which I believe are male although I would appreciate advice on sexing them at this age and if my suspicions...
  4. balajake

    Do Fish Make Better Parents If Left To Be Raised By Mum And Dad

    I just wondered of this was the experience of you breeders out there. I know in some cases you might have no choice but to remove fry from the parents but I was wondering if fry left exclusively to be raise by their own parents went on go be hassle free parents themselves ? Does it make a...
  5. balajake

    Fish I.d Please

    Hopefully you can identify my fish. He was supposed to be a Harlequin Rasbora but I guess he got scooped up accidentally with the other fish I bought. Thanks. I have no idea how it happened but he's kept with 2 apistogramma and harlequins at about 25/26 degrees
  6. balajake

    New Apistogramma Pair Arrive

    Well they arrived in the post at 12 noon. Not bad for £10 for the pair eh (£9 postage too) my local shop wanted £45 for 3 of them which was a little beyond me. they were posted from Glasgow yesterday and were brilliantly packed. I have took a couple of pics but will get more when they get...
  7. balajake

    My Little Boy Has Grown

    I bought him as an unidentified Cichlid. Fish shop said blue acara some on here thought flowerhorn. I thought Dempsey but he wasn't any of those. I actually bought him twice. I bought some flag cichlids and in my error didn't watch the assistant bag them up. When I got home I had a batch of...
  8. balajake

    Geophagus I.d

    Hi, i bought 4 of these yesterday, sadly one died earlier this evening so i'll have to try and speak to the lfs about an exchange. they were sold as Geophagus Surinamensis but obviously they seem impossible to get hold of and nearly always another species wrongly labled. so this is for the geo...
  9. balajake

    New L200 Pleco

    I have wanted one for ages and finally got my chance. very active and so cute. :hyper: he doesnt really hide much which im glad of.
  10. balajake

    Could I Use This Wood In My Aquarium the wood the background they are for use in vivariums but its...
  11. balajake

    Severum With A Fat Belly

    For the past week my sev has had abit of a pot belly. shes abit greedy and will eat her food then everyone elses. she will eat a few cichlid pellets then rip the novo tabs off the glass that are meant for the other fish. then the greedy miss will go and steal the algae wafer off the pleco...
  12. balajake

    Just Been On Argos

    you wouldn't believe what they stock online for aquariums now api and waterlife range...
  13. balajake

    Will This Work

    7X2X2 793 litres ( think) 1 2.5 inch green texas 1 six inch severum red spotted 2 belem severums about 3 inches each 4 1.5 in juvi rotkeil severums ( trying to get a pair then rehome 2) 4 keyhole cichlids 4 bandit cichids (not got) maybe a couple of l200s added to it . ive got 2 firemouths...
  14. balajake

    Red Terrors

    Just wanted to ask opinions of them ? i havent got any but some wild juvies have come available and was wondering about the rareness of them and general behaviour
  15. balajake

    What's The Most You Ever Spent On One Fish

    I'd love to know, and does it make you nervous spending a large amount on one fish incase the worst should happen and it died ?
  16. balajake

    The New Girl

    My Birthday gift from my family. Not sure if she is a girl but thats what the LFS said she was most likely to be. she is shy and gentle. i wanted a pair but they're not very easy severums to get hold of
  17. balajake

    Protozin Dosage Help

    Well some of my fishies have while spots on their fins so i have done my regular water change then i have cleaned all my filters, removed the carbon and i have dosed with about 17mls of waterlife protozin for a 350l tank. It says to dose on days 1,2,3 and 6 but doesnt state how much to dose...
  18. balajake

    65 L Tank Stocking Ideas

    I'm about to start a fishless cycle in my 65 l tank, just waiting on ammonia. i'm planning for it to be heavily planted with mopani wood and im really torn about stocking. my thinking so far is a breeding pair of peacock gobies 5 or 10 red rili shrimp 10 chilli mosquito rasboras im unsure if...
  19. balajake

    Best Plant Food ?

    can someone please tell me the best aquatic plant food to buy please. ones you get your monies worth (small doses big results) i was looking at seachem flourish but im not clued up at all on fertilizers