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  1. chrissaysyes

    My Newest Fish.

    Here is a link to a new video I just made for the tank...shows off the sump, fuge, skimmer, and the new gotta watch the video to see what my new fish is though :D
  2. chrissaysyes

    One Solid Gallon Of Eye Candy.

    Sooooo as some of you may know I used to have a 4.5 gallon mantis tank. Things were going great with it, however, there were certainly some lessons learned. I will now list the pro's and con's to my previous "pico" in regards to using it to house a young peacock mantis: Pros...
  3. chrissaysyes


    About to go pick up a nice big Lobophyllia. Special price for me woot!
  4. chrissaysyes

    Clown Hosting Palythoa

    My LFS just got in a large chunk of Palythoa polyps. Theyre a really pretty green color and I'd love to take them BUT...the clown in that tank has taken up residence in them and she doesnt want to seperate them. So she wants $59 for the both of them. I guess I'll pay that but Im wondering how...
  5. chrissaysyes

    Condy Anemone

    Common Names: Haitian Anemone, Giant Golden Anemone, Purple Tipped Anemone, Giant Carribbean Anemone Scientific Name: Condylactis gigantea Family: Actiniidae Origin: Carribean—West Indies, Western Atlantic. Size: 6" high, 12" wide, disc diameter approximately 4"; in nature, it can...
  6. chrissaysyes

    Peacock Mantis Shrimp

    Common Name(s):Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Clown Mantis Shrimp, Painted Mantis, Harlequin Mantis Shrimp Scientific Name: Odontodactylus scyllarus: Family: Odontodactylidae Origin: Indo-Pacific Max Size: ~7" Care: This animal belongs to the Smasher Mantis Shrimp family. They have a very...
  7. chrissaysyes

    Chocolate Chip Starfish

    Common Name(s):: Chocolate Chip Star, CCS, Nodular Sea Star, Chocolate Chip Starfish Scientific Name: Protoreaster nodosus Family: Oreasteridae Origin: Red Sea, Indo-Pacific Care Level: Easy to moderate Life span: ~7 years. Max Size: ~8" in the aquarium but reported up to 15 inches Tank...
  8. chrissaysyes

    Stomatopods, Mantis "shrimp"

    Getting ready to do some research on account of my soon to be new pet Odontodactylus scyllarus so I thought I may share all the information I dig up. I will be reporting on four of the most prominent species (and readily available) for home aquariums. Stomatopods: Stomatopods (only...
  9. chrissaysyes

    Taxonomy Schamaxonomy

    Ok so for starters I'm curious as to what genus the common "pest" anemone Aiptasia belong to. Also I'm curious as to the hardiness of "Curly Q" or Bartholomea annulata. I'm wondering that if they belong to the family Aiptasiidae perhaps they are closely related and similar to Aiptasia? Mainly...
  10. chrissaysyes

    Tsunami Auto Top-off

    Any good?
  11. chrissaysyes

    Memoirs Of A Chocolate Chip Starfish:

    Alrighty, by request, by interest, by hopes that if things go wrong this will create a more public and urgent forum for me to gain it is. On 12/12/07 I added a Chocolate Chip Star (Protoreaster Nodosus) to my 14g Biocube. There have been a lot of mixed feelings about this, some...
  12. chrissaysyes


    So I threw a heater in my pico today not realizing that it was busted. I get home to find that my tank is 91 degrees. It's down to about 85 now after switching the heater, aiming for 80. Wondering if this will have killed off any bacteria? I noticed a little hitchhiker snail is still moving...
  13. chrissaysyes

    Xenia Just Arrived.

    So I found some school for deaf children that has an aquaculture program...I thought I'd give them a try since their prices are awesome but...I dunno what I think thus far. I ordered a xenia frag from them. I recieved three bags, one with the xenia frag mounted on a rock and banded to a chunk...
  14. chrissaysyes

    Another Stocking Advice Thread

    Just setup a was a fun little DIY project and I need some ideas as far as what to put in it. It will have 2x9w pc lights. Flow right now isnt very intense but there will either be a small powerhead or a canister plumbed into the back...not sure yet. Give me some neat ideas for...
  15. chrissaysyes

    4.5 Gallon Pico Reef

    Ok so this tank is underway already. I'll post some info on it and my plans for it later but for now, pics!
  16. chrissaysyes

    Protoreaster Nodosus

    Would a 2.5" Chocolate Chip Star be ok in a 14g tank? Feeding would consist of Mysis or chopped silversides every other day.
  17. chrissaysyes

    Sinularia Flexibis

    There is a nice sized spaghetti finger coral at my lfs but it has stitches going up the side of its base. Boone really has any answers why. The coral appears healthy and doing well. Is this a normal practice? Should I purchase this coral?
  18. chrissaysyes

    What's Wrong With This Fish?

    So I used to have about 6 or 7 damsels and a tomato clown. They each ended up looking like this fish, one by one. It happens over night, and once they start to look like this they only last about a day. They look like theyve been run through a blender or something. Fins are mangled, skin is...
  19. chrissaysyes

    The Humuhumunukunukuapua Adventure

    There's been a baby humu humu (about 2.5") at the LFS that I've been tempted by time and time again and I finally told myself I'd get him and do whatever I could to accommodate him until he got too big for my tank (55gal) if the LFS would sell him for under $20. Well, she agreed on $20. On my...
  20. chrissaysyes

    Teddy Bear Crab

    I've found mixed reviews as to whether or not teddy bear crabs are unwanted or not. I even see where some sites sell them. I could probably remove this one pretty easily so Im just wondering if I should or not. Should he stay or should he go?