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    I thought i would make a thread for everyone to show off your houseplants. feel free to post pics of your houseplants or houseplant setups, with a list of all of your houseplants! here are my small houseplants, I just built this setup, one shelf for seedlings and one for houseplants. I have...
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    So yesterday I notice one out of my 3 new swordtails has ick, I immediately netted her and the other one that came from the same tank, and put them in my fry grow out tank with little hope that there won’t be an ick outbreak. Today more than 24 hours later I don’t see anything on any of my fish...
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    aquarium plants disintegrating!

    So i just planted my 36 gal bow front and all my crypts disintegrated! this is what the tank looked like. the crypts were very full and made a nice hedge. now it looks like this after just 2 days of beign planted! these crypts were heavily rooted when i bought them and had been submerged for 2...
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    buying plants from department stores

    I am so thrilled right now that i have to tell you all! so today i went to my local meijer(department store) and have you ever walked by the fish tanks at your local department store(if they sell fish) and saw all the dying, dead, sick fish? i'm sure most of you have. Well some stores sell live...
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    Bad smell in tank

    Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the correct forum but, here goes. so I decided to splurge and get a ton of plants and i also bought some more really nice Ohko stone To redo my 36 gal bow front. I took all the fish out and drained the tank then washed all the sand. I left one of my hob...