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  1. ian

    Jungle Massive

    Hi guys, this is my new set. It's more of a jungle style tank. Using plants that I either have never used or haven't used for a while. Mainly crypts, there is some really rare ones in here, also some unknown crypts. Water change... image by Ian Holdich, on Flickr Benasoni tetra image by Ian...
  2. ian

    Video Complete 1-2 Grow Set Up

    Here's a vid of my old tropica 1-2 grow set up, from 0 days - 90 days.
  3. ian

    New Aquascape

    Hi guys, just thought I'd share a picture of my new aquascape... Specs are, New journal time! Something a little different than the last few scapes. Tank, TMC 60x45x30 Lights, 1x TMC 1500 ultima Filter, Ehiem 2073 Substrate, Nutrasoil, Tropica Substrate and Unipac Samoa C02 @ 1bps via an...
  4. ian

    Tropica Big Tank In London.

    Hi everyone, this weekend Tropica (with a few well known aquascapers) are setting up a 10,000 ltr tank in New Malden in London. If any of you are around and want to witness the event, please pop down. It's being covered by Practical fishkeeping and some news papers...
  5. ian

    Tropica 1-2 Grow Scape

    Hi guys and girls, long time no speak. Just thought I'd share my new scape. It's done completely with 1-2 grow plants. Week 2 Week 2-4 4-6 At 10 weeks
  6. ian

    A New Adventure (Pic Heavy)

    Just thought I'd share a few pics of my new scape, this will be my compition tank this year. So the final shots won't be in this thread yet. How it started, the tank is a TMC signature IMG_3368 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr Great silicone work IMG_3370 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr Hours after set...
  7. ian

    Believe Everything You Read?

    I thought I'd add a little thought on reading evidence and evidence based practice. Now, this hasn't got anything to do with fish keeping, but does go along way into why we should critique evidence properly (mods feel free to move). This is probably taken from the biggest balls up in British and...
  8. ian

    Pentazona Barb (Five Banded Barb)

    Here's a quick vid of some pentazona barbs in my current set up. A much better choice that their relations the tiger barb. Best viewed in 720p
  9. ian

    Under The Mangrove

    Here's a few pics of my latest aquascape, I thought I'd share. The aquascape is coming to an end soon and the final pics will be taken at the end of this month, so no point in starting a journal. IMG_2748 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr First week the Mangrove by Ian Holdich, on Flickr Week 4...
  10. ian

    My Iaplc #518 Aquascape

    Just thought i'd pop on the show my scape E. Paradise, ranked 518th best scape in the IAPLC (Amanos planted aquarium comp). There was a total of 2100 scapes in the comp this year, so i'm quite happy with the position. IAPLC RANKED 518th 2012 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr here's the journal...
  11. ian

    Aquascape @ 6 Weeks

    heres a few pics for those that don't visit the planted section of my new aquascape. planning aquagreen by Ian Holdich, on Flickr in the tank aquagreen1 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr one day after planting aquagreen3 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr aquagreen4 by Ian Holdich, on Flickr a couple...
  12. ian

    Meet The Superhumans

    Probably one of the most inspirational ads i have seen for a long time. Everyone should watch this ad once. it won't embed properly, so click the link.
  13. ian

    Fish Id

    I don't normally start these kind of threads, but i picked up 6 of these today, they were labeled as Panda's. panda glowlight tetra by Ian Holdich, on Flickr ps i know it's a tetra!
  14. ian

    Iaplc Top 200

    heres the top 200 aquascapes for this years IAPLC good luck to the UK's entrance in the top 200 Stu Worral and Mark Evans. :good:
  15. ian

    Video New Aquascape

    just thought i'd share a quick veiwed in 720p and upwards.
  16. ian

    Eheim Flow Chart?

    I have been looking all over for the Eheim flow output chart, it's online shows the output of the Eheim filter with media in and other various specs of the filters. if anyone can find it i shall be eternally grateful.
  17. ian

    Happy Birthday Zz

    On his very special 40th birthday, i'd like to wish you a happy birthday.
  18. ian

    The Official Euro's Thread

    is it just me thats suffering a heart attack at the moment?
  19. ian


    I thought i'd have a mess around with some hardscape this afternoon, ready for my new scape. The old scape will be shut down next week and i'm away on holiday for a week. I will have my plants on order over the week when i'm away and will be planting on the Friday when i get back. I have the...
  20. ian

    Jbl E700

    I don't normally review products but heres a quick review from me. I think it's good for other searching the web to see as theres not many reviews on this little filter (with a big big heart!) I bought this filter and have been running it on my 80cm for just over 4 months now and it has been...