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    guppy fry

    :D Hi peeps, Just a quick question, has anyone ever had guppy fry before that have not developed any colours??? I'd say 60% of my fry have not developed any colour and there 3 months old now, any ideas? :dunno:
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    Zebra pleco's

    Hi peeps :D Just wondering if anyone has or has ever kept a Zebra plec?? If so how much was it? and was it easy to care for? did you see it during the day or did it just come out at night? Cheers
  3. J

    Hi peeps, Just updated my web site, Its mainly about my 3 aquariums but also has lots of pics and facts, Like a fish anatomy diagram, illness guide, fish terms a-z....And loads more :D Link is in my sig below ;)
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    non fish pics

    Hi peeps :) Have any of you people got any pics of frogs snails shrimps (basically non fish pics) for my new site? you would like to share with me and the world!! Im doing a new section on my site im trying to build a data base of all tropical tank mates with info and pics of them. Any help...
  5. J

    Guppy fry

    Hi peeps, Does anyone have any info about when guppy fry should develop colour? I think ive read around the 4 week period....Is this right?? Thanks for any info :)
  6. J

    My new new site!

    Hi people, just wrote a new site showing off my aquariums feel free to look if you have time all comments will be appreciated (good or bad!) :D I posted this a few weeks ago but this is the NEW site! ;) See sig below thanks peeps :)
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    Fish photo's

    Hi people, :D As you may have seen in the general section below I am writing a web site in my spare time to share the information I have gathered over the few years I have been keeping tropical fish and other tropical tank mates! I have just decided to add a section about other tropical fish...
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    Guppy fry!

    Another 21 + guppy fry arrived some time late last night! :D :D :D
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    Hi people, well today i was supposed to collect 2 red cherry shrimp from the my local fish store, how ever when i got there he told me that the red cherry shrimp did nnot come in and that he had got me two othe kind of shrimp!!! They are monsters! :hyper: They are about 4" long! :hyper: One is...
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    1-2 gallon tank

    Hi people, Since reading various posts on here i have now decided i want to get a betta and want a small tank 1-2 gal (which seems to be the norm for keeping these great fish alone. I have just spent an hour and a half searching online to see if there were any places on the net that sold them in...
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    Brine shrimp/sea monkeys

    Brine shrimp/sea monkeys I have just read a book which states that to hatch ‘brine shrimp’ you need the water to be aerated using a air pipe and air stone in a container of water of a temp of 18 - 24 c I had some sea monkeys a few years back! Which I believe to be the same things! And I just...
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    African dwarf frogs

    Do African dwarf frogs like cold meat? like left over chicken? Or is it best just to stick to blood worms and such alike? Any other foods I can give them when I get them to vary there diet? Also before I have to go, what kind of food do betta like? Do they feed on flake foods? I use flake /...
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    Angel fish?

    Hi there people I have a community tank its fishy contents is listed below, I really like the look of angel fish but have never had one due to hearing so many things about them, like they attack other fish ( from people I know who have kept them) But I got a book for x mas and it states “ they...
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    5 gal tank set up

    Hi there people I have decided what im going to put in my new 5gal / 23 litre tank. I’m looking at getting a male betta, 2 African dwarf frogs (and after reading some previous posts I think I’ll be taking a magnifying glass with me as I here they some times get labelled as clawed frogs and I...
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    Biting bettas!

    Cant remember what post it was on as im writing this off line at work but I read that a betta had bitten someone ! Is this true? Do they usually bite people?!?!?!? I’m still going to get one just interested if this is true or not has anyone else been bitten? Ps I’m not calling the person a...
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    :) Hi there people, i have a new small 5 gal tank, and am thinking of getting a betta for it, What would go well with a male betta? or would it be best left in the tank alone to stop its fins getting nipped............. :) :D Thanks for any tips or advice :D
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    New Tank.

    Hi people i have been keeping fish for 4 years now , have just got a new small tank 23 litres/5 gallons. What do i put in it?!?! I was going to use it as a breeding tank but i dont know now any ideas people? :) cheers :)