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  1. maurizio

    Plant growth substrate

    In a 240 l tank, I'm building a paludarium, thus reducing the water volume to about (probably less than) 100 l. Two HO 6500 K fluorescent tubes, no CO2. Tap water is rich in NO3 (40 mg/l), and pretty hard (total hardness 13 dH). Am I right that all plant growth substrates contain peat, and...
  2. maurizio

    Macroalgae Webshops In Europe?

    Hello all, any idea of websites selling/shipping macroalgae in Europe? I spent quite some time on the web, but only US shops pop up.   To shorten distances, it should be between GB, DE and CZ (I'm in DK).   Thanks!
  3. maurizio

    Here's Another One Considering To Go Marine!

    Hello folks, for the time being I'm collecting info to answer myself the main question: can I do it?   What I have: - a 240 l Eheim tank running with low-end brackish, 2xT5, Eheim 3 350 professionel filter - a bit more than 3 years experience with the above, my very first tank. Fish are happy -...
  4. maurizio

    Bite Or Disease?

    One of my rainbows has lost its scales in two places on one side. I can't figure if it's a bite (he shares the tank with 5 conspecifics and 3 adult archers, which never showed interest in the rainbows so far), an injury or some kind of disease.   Water is fresh since quite some time now, in...
  5. maurizio

    In Styrofoam Since Thursday: Still Alive?

    Briefly, after one month from my order of some nerites, the guy has sent them while I was abroad. They are in the traveling box with heat pack since Thursday. I can collect the package at the post office tomorrow morning: is it worth, or should i rather reject the package and complain? How long...
  6. maurizio

    Tired Of Diatoms - Need Help

    OK, this is going to be long...   Tank started Oct 2011. ~150 l, SG ~1.002 @ 25 C, pH ~8.2, NH3&4 0 mg/l, NH2 0 mg/l, NH3 50-100 mg/l (tap 40), sand bottom. Population as per below. July 2012: added 10 Vallisneria and 6 Boesemani Rainbowfishes. November 2012-now: bloom of diatoms. I always...
  7. maurizio

    Filter Broke Down. What Now?

    After less than 2 years of problematic behaviour, it eventually broke down completely: the hose adapter is impossible to extract (old problem), and now the ON/OFF switch of my EHEIM professional 3 350 got loose, and now is swinging back and forth without really acting. The online heater is...
  8. maurizio

    Id Non-Aquarium Fish?

    I dare to post here simply because this guy was not spotted in a tank, but off the southern coast of Brazil, not far from Rio de Janeiro. Any idea of what that is?   Cheers   Maurizio
  9. maurizio

    Poll: How Happy Are You Of It?

    I'm a beginner, and struggling to get it the way I dreamt of it. But after all, it's still a little piece of Nature we're trying to recreate in there, and of course Nature takes its own course anyway. So... how happy are you with your tank?
  10. maurizio

    Neritinae In Danger?

    Hello all, brackish, SG 1.002 @ 25 C, one year old. Got the snails in January. I recently saw algae on the glass, but I assumed it was the result of the recent addition of fertilizers. Only a few days ago I realized that the snails were not eating at all, and actually they were nowhere to be...
  11. maurizio


    Hello all, I've been enjoying this community for about a year, but every now and then the same question arises: when I post or reply, sometimes there's an Attachment filed at the bottom, that allows to easily post e.g. a small (max 100 KB) picture in the body of the message, but often this...
  12. maurizio

    My Archers At Work

    Hello everybody, hope you'll enjoy my archers. In the blog there's a few more video scattered around, mostly with crickets. Any idea for improvement is always welcome. Cheers!
  13. maurizio

    Experience In Growing Mangroves?

    Hello all, I posted this in the brackish section, but no answers... Anybody with experience in growing mangroves? I know some of you has it... :hey: Please look at my latest post, and see if there's something I can do to help, at least the one with nice leaves: some of them are developing...
  14. maurizio

    Experience With Growing Mangroves?

    Hello slightly-salty people, anybody with experience in growing mangroves? I know some of you has it... :hey: Please look at my latest post, and see if there's something I can do to help, at least the one with nice leaves: some of them are developing black spots. I add about every week 10...
  15. maurizio

    Melanotenia Boesemani

    It's affecting only one of the gills. Been like this for quite some time: some weeks ago I did have some hint of nitrites, so I thought it was due to that, and hoped it would heel after NO2 would disappear, but I'm afraid it's actually worsening. Otherwise she's doing fine, and today even manage...
  16. maurizio

    Veggies For The Bests

    I've read that not only the rainbows, but even my archers would benefit from some veggies in their diet. Anybody with a direct experience with flakes, and which ones, or other ways these carnivores would accept veggies?
  17. maurizio

    No Iron At All?

    Hello all, my 10 new Vallis (2 months) aren't doing particularly well (the old leaves turn brown and rot, although the plants keep producing runners: but all in all, I think I'm pruning more than the plants are producing), so I decided to get the Fe test (Tetra), which indeed gave me a 0 mg/l...
  18. maurizio

    Can't Restart Filter - Since Yesterday!

    Hello all, I have an Eheim Pro 3 2073 since one year, this is the third time I clean it. It's always been a pain in the #16##### to unplug the adapter, and later to prime it for restarting, but this time I just couldn't make it all. I also removed the pump wheel and the other little red thing on...
  19. maurizio

    What's Wrong With My Archers?

    Hello all, after more than two weeks from the arrival of the rainbows, my archers are stubbornly hidden in the darkest corners of the mangroves, avoiding the surface like hell: they keep staying there all day, even at feeding time, the only apparent exception being when the lights go off, when...
  20. maurizio

    Vallisneria Americana Var. Asiatica

    Hello all, I'm aware the crown should stay just above the substrate, and no sand betwen the leaves, but after trimming a bit the roots to get it ready, there's no way on Earth those plants will stay in! They keep abandoning the position and floating! For now I used some lead weights I had from...