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    Two Peacocks In A Frontosa Tank?

    I had to move the surviving 2 fish in my 70 gal tank after my heater died.  The water was quite cold and killed everything in my tank except two peacocks which must be extremely tough.  The only other tank that I had to put them in is my 120 gallon frontosa tank.  For the past 3 years it has...
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    Orange Blotch Marmalade Peacock?

    I just bought two fish marked orange blotch marmalade peacock.  When I googled the name, I came up with a bunch of variations.  I'm looking for any specific info on them.  I found this pic on line (not my fish but looks just like it).  Any help appreciated.  
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    Glass Ghost Catfish?

    I find these fish fascinating, but I have no experience with them.  I've read everything from "they are a great beginner fish" to "they usually don't survive the trip home from the pet store."   I'd like as much info as possible before I consider them for my 75 gal, under-stocked  community tank.
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    Medium Size, Colorful Fish For Community Tank?

    Well, my angle fish did not survive (actually I still have one)...neither did the blue rams.  My water is way too hard.  So, my choices are either buy a reverse osmosis filter, or find fish that can live in my water.  In this particular tank I still have 2 bolivian rams, the one angle, and 8...
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    Fish Selection Not Working Out...(Or I Poisoned The Water)

    My fish are dropping like crazy...I redid my old mbuana tank several weeks ago and bought 6 angles, 2 bolivian rams, 4 blue rams (very young ones) and 8 tetra.  So far I've lost 3 angles and 3 blue rams.  My amonia and nitrite levels are 0.  Very little nitrate (not sure of the # as I don't have...
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    Need Help With Lighting

    I want to create a low-tech planted tank.  I am confused about which lights to order.  My tank is 4 foot long and 22" deep (sorry, my husband doesn't do centimeters and  Could you please recommend a bulb.  Do I need a T5 or T8?  How many watts?   Thank you for your help.  This is...
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    Easiest Plants?

    Hello!  I have an established tank that I'd like to add plants to.  Although I am an avid gardener, I did not have luck with aquarium plants when I tried it several years ago.  I just redid my now homes angelfish, tetras and 2 bolivian rams.  As much as I'd love to really love to go...
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    Just Finished Redoing 75 Gal Tank

    Just so happy to finally have new fish in my tank!  After a few years I was bored with my mbunas and decided to go with something different.  After the mbuna were rehomed, I got rid of the sand, the dark lava rocks, etc.  I now have 6 angelfish (black, white and marbled), 8 serpae tetra (which...
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    New Tank, New Filter? Or Can I Use The Old One?

    I have a 72 gal tank that has been housing mbuna cichlids for several years. For whatever reason they became ill (their bellies became concave), and slowly they have started dieing off. Now, I'd like to try something new (either angle or discus fish) in that tank. My question...I'm not really...
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    Serious Storm Related Problem

    Living with the endless power outage from hurricaine Sandy and thankful to have Internet back! I have 3 tanks ranging from 15 gal to 125 gal. Up until now we have been running a generator which has powered my house, at least the basic stuff, and has kept my fish tank filters and heaters going...
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    Adding A Few Calvus To My Frontosa Tank

    I have a 125 gal tank which currenly houses seven frontosa and two calvus. Two of the fronts are about 2 years old, and the other 5 are one year. I would like to add more calvus, but am worried about them being eaten. If they are a decent size, the fronts wont bother them. Anyone know a good...
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    I May Have Just Killed My Entire Tank!

    I have a 125 gal tank with 7 frontosa. We neede to remove the carpet beneath the tank, so I drained as much water as possible, leaving enough to cover them by a few inches. I also disconnected the filter to clean it. Mid project my hasband got called away for about 90 minutes. I figured they'd...
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    Giving Up My Malawi Cichlids...anyone Live Near Me?

    After 2 years of malawi cichlids, I've decided I want to try discus fish in that tank. I have approx 12 colorful cichlids who have been living together peacefully. I'm looking for an excellent home for them. I know nothing about shipping. My zip is 12771 if anyone lives near me, I'd be happy...
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    Good Online Site For Buying Backgrounds?

    I have a 72 gal bow-front tank. I had a black background which I was tired of, so I turned it around to the blue side and I hate it. I've been trying to find an online site with something nice, appropriate for a Malawi tank. I love the 3D ones that insert into the tank but don't want to spend...
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    Questions About Sump Filters

    Could someone please post a pic of their tank with a sump filter in use? I'm not trying (yet) to figure out how it this point I just want to see what it looks like when viewing the tank. I have absolutely no experience with these types of filters but was told in another post that...
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    I Finially Did It!

    I've been planning the big move for months and today I finially did it! I moved a tank full of Lake Tang cichlids (fronts, calvus, comps) to a new 125 gal tank and then moved about 20 mbuna from a 55 gal into the 72 gal that the fronts had occupied. I worked on this from 10 am until 4pm and...
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    What Do I Do With The Tubes And Wires?

    I'm setting up a 125 gal tank which is 6' long and 18" wide. I've decided that instead of putting the back of it against the wall I want it to jut out from the wall (so one of the 18" sides would be against the wall). This would make the fish and decor visable from both sides of the tank...
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    Is This Really A Female? (Pics)

    About 2 months ago I bought my first two betta, the one in the pics and a red one. Both were labeled female. I brought them home and put them in a 16 gal tank with 4 mollies. About 3 weeks later (after having NO aggression problems at all) I read that you should never have just two females so...
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    Horizontal Stripes On New Betta?

    I'm fairly new to bettas. I have a group of females in a 16gal tank. Several days ago I bought this one. She's small, definately the smallest in my tank and appears to be light purple. Even at the store she had 2 horizontal stripes ...I thought it was a sign of stress. She has been in my tank...
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    Fluval 404...where Does This Piece Go? (Pic)

    I bought a used 125 gal tank that came with a fluval 404 filter. The first time I tried to prime it the "strainer" on the bottom of the intake popped off and this ball rolled out. I have not been able to prime the filter using the lever, so my husband has primed it by sucking (amonia laced)...