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  1. corylover5

    water wisteria

    I got a tiny water wisteria plant when I found it in a bag with a plant I had bought. That was over 3 months ago. I placed it in my fry tank and I now have 5 water wisteria plants. 3 large and 2 small. I love them and want to move the three large ones to my 29 gallon. Will they start to die when...
  2. corylover5

    what happened to my molly? :(

    My chocolate molly, Cocoa passed away last night :(. I had gone away for the weekend and a family member had been feeding my fish. I came home today and she had passed away:(. I'm not sure what happened. She had been acting normal up until I left. No visible symptoms on her. My dad said she was...
  3. corylover5

    I got a crayfish by mistake. please help

    I bought a guppy from my LFS today and when I got home I noticed there is a baby dwarf mexican crayfish. He is TINY. Smaller then a small ghost shrimp. The guppy was kept in a tank with dwarf caryfish and they scooped water from that tank into the bag. Where can I put this cute little guy? What...
  4. corylover5

    3.5 gallon Ghost shrimp tank

    My brother has a 3.5 gallon that he wants to turn into a tank for ghost shrimp. It will have driftwood, a small airstone, Marimo moss balls, river stones, and Hornwort. We plan on getting 12 Ghost shrimp since my LFS sells them by the dozen. The tank has been cycled. How often and how large...
  5. corylover5

    Molly having fry and... laying eggs?

    I have a female chocolate molly who started having fry tonight. I added lots of hiding places and floating plants for the fry. One of my males seemed to be harassing my female so I was keeping a close eye on her to make sure he didn't stress her too much. I noticed every time she had a few fry...
  6. corylover5

    Question about water changes

    I'm just wondering, whenever my LFS or any pet store asks me about water changes when I get my water tested, they freak out when I say I do 75% water changes weekly. I always do 75% weekly water changes because I thought it was good for my fish and they all do well with large water changes. Why...
  7. corylover5

    somethings wrong with my platy

    This morning I noticed one of my platies had a bump near her tail. She looked normal yesterday but it appeared this morning. Water parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 8 nitrate. All my other fish are acting and looking normal. No stringy or white poop and they all eat well. My platy eats...
  8. corylover5

    treating ammonia/chlorine burns

    So my brother keeps a betta in a 3.5 gallon heated and filtered tank. He was the one caring for the fish. He feeds omega one betta food. He is supposed to do 75% weekly water changes. I am not sure if he was sticking to the weekly water changes. I asked him weekly and he always said he was about...
  9. corylover5

    Help! Betta emergency!

    My brother had a 3 gallon Betta tank. He was cleaning the tank and I was in another room. I heard a loud noise and I ran into his room. I'm not sure what happened but the tank is cracked in half. I got the betta into a little cup for now. He is doing really well. We don't have a tank for him now...
  10. corylover5

    Tophat Blenny fish

    Hi! Sorry I didn't know where to post this thread. Anyways, I was looking at Java moss at my LFS today and a worker was feeding some of the fish near me. I looked at the fish and saw a new fish that I had never seen there. I asked what kind of fish it was. The worker told me it was new to the...
  11. corylover5

    dying platy :(

    I have had a panda platy for just over a week now. I had my water tested. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 8 nitrate. This morning when I woke up my platy was lying at the bottom of my tank barely breathing. Her fins are clamped. I did a 60% water change and she didn't even move when I placed the gravel...
  12. corylover5

    assasin snail

    I got some hitchhiker bladder snails on a plant. I have found quite a few in my 29 gallon. I really don't enjoy small snails in my 29 gallon since I hatched mystery snails once and since then I hate having small snails in that tank. I thought about getting an assassin snail but would that harm...
  13. corylover5

    bladder snails

    In my 10 gallon fry tank I found 3 bladder snail hitchhikers. I don't really mind them and I personally find them pretty cute. A few days ago I found 2 bladder snail egg clutches. I left them alone and tonight I noticed both of them are gone. Have the eggs hatched? If so why can't I see any baby...
  14. corylover5

    water changes

    I change 50% of my water weekly. I went to Petco today to have my water tested. It came back 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 8 nitrate. The person testing my water said that wasn't good and was surprised my fish weren't dying. I was told not to do weekly 50% water changes but to instead do a 20% water...
  15. corylover5

    fish game

    I thought of this game and I don't know if it's already a game or not but I thought I would share it. Someone takes a picture of a fish it can be a fish you own, one from an aquarium, one from your LFS or any where you find a fish but then crop the picture so that only a small part of the fish...
  16. corylover5

    baby fish

    I have about 20 molly fry and a bunch of cory fry who are 2 months old now. They are all big enough to be given to my LFS and I need to give them to my LFS soon so I have room for the other 61 molly fry I collected a few days ago. I have just grown so attached to each of them and I feel so bad...
  17. corylover5

    Liquid Fertilizer

    What kind of liquid fertilizer should I get for my 29 gallon tank? There are so many brands and types that it's a little overwhelming. I need one that won't hurt snails or scaleless fish. Thanks in advance! I already use Seachem root tabs for my root feeders.
  18. corylover5


    I want to get a good light for my 29 gallon tank. I want it to be a nice bright light that will be good for plants. I will post a few links to lights I am looking at. Which one would be the best kind for my tank? Thanks in advance!
  19. corylover5

    type of corydora

    Just curious but I've had this corydora for over 4 months now. I got him from a tank labeled mixed cories so I'm not sure which type of cory he is. Does anyone know what type of corydora I have? Thanks in advance!
  20. corylover5

    color changing molly

    I have had a female dalmation molly for 5 months now and last night I was watching her and thought she looked different. I got on my phone and looked at pictures of her from the first few months I had her. She has completely changed color since those pictures. Is this normal for some mollies?