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  1. PC1963

    New Corys! W/pics

    Great lined up, the albino form look good. :ninja:
  2. PC1963

    Cw016 Aka C. Teniente

    Lucky you, hope they are doing well and grow up soon. Frank must have magic spell on the cory, keep do a good job. :fish:
  3. PC1963

    New Corys! W/pics

    Hi Inchworm Congratulation of your new addition very cute Venezuelanus specially Albino. Frank must did something good. C. Nattereri also very nice fish. Hope to see more picture of those.
  4. PC1963

    New Cories

    Nice pictures and Healthy Cories that you have. :wub: ;)
  5. PC1963

    More New Fish

    Thank you jollysue. It has been some issue with my Cory and lost quite a bit of them and kind of discouraged. But today do some major clean up and trying to get them back in shape again. Hope every body doning well. :good:
  6. PC1963

    More New Fish

    Hi Barracuda518 Nice Brochis and Weitzmani addition you have looking very healthy. :unsure: Inchworm also your Brochis and C. narcissus look wonderful and health. :rolleyes:
  7. PC1963

    Please Help Id Group Of These Cories

    Hi Frank Thank you for verify and pictures. I got some in the past and they all much larger now. These are a little over 2 inch and they doing fine. They are look like c. 128 [on your picture] a few of them are long nose and some shorter nose. :rolleyes:
  8. PC1963

    Please Help Id Group Of These Cories

    short nose
  9. PC1963

    Please Help Id Group Of These Cories

    Long nose another picture in the bowl
  10. PC1963

    Please Help Id Group Of These Cories

    Just bought from Petco yesterday, a group of 7 they are a little different in the group. Some of them are longer nose and one of them wider head but all the same pattern and mark. They sell as spot cory. :crazy:
  11. PC1963

    Fish In A Bowl

    Hi Bozza I don't thing they are related because Oiapoquensis from French Guiana, Panda from Peru, Metae from Colombia. They do have similarlity and prety much same size. Nice additions. I see you finally got those C. oiapoquensis you were after Yes, finally I got from Local breeder and they...
  12. PC1963

    Fish In A Bowl

    Yes, they are similarity with panda and almost the same size fish. Oiapoquensis are from French Guiana and Panda are from Peru, right now they all living together with other cory including panda in large communities tank. Many time I see c. oiapouensis and c. panda swimming along together :wub...
  13. PC1963

    Some More New Cories

    Great looking Cory, I love c. conclors and albino sterbai. Used to have concolor but they didn't make it. If I have chance will get them again. Yes, they are gorgeous cories. :blush: :blush: :blush: :good: :good:
  14. PC1963

    Fish In A Bowl

    My new fishbowl :P , just got new addition last week. :hyper: :hyper: 6 C. Oiapoquensis adults 17 little C. similis They are cute little fish. Picture in the tank
  15. PC1963

    Cory Eggs

    Hi superjalami30 If you do verything right, water flow and clean water, and still get fungus on the eggs. Do you using any aniti fungus in your water? If you do all that and still have problem. It is could be the eggs infertile, and if it infertile no matter how much you treat your water egg...
  16. PC1963

    New Pandas

    Hi ghent_3rd Sorry about your panda ill, that usually happened with panda. In first one or two days after bought from LFS they looking happy and before you know it dosen't move as much, and color pale. That has happend with my pandas too. I lost a few last week but I think panda a little...
  17. PC1963

    Rescued Corys

    Look like c. melanistius.;btnG=Search
  18. PC1963

    Panda Pics Anyone?

    Here is little one. Long fins Panda at Pets store
  19. PC1963

    Just Got My Sterbia Corys Advice Wanted

    Hi Mike Congra for new c. sterbai. If you have problem with angelfish take away food from Cory, you can do this turn light of and feeding your cory with sink hikari wafers. Cory will find in the dark with out any problem. Your sterbai should have enough food if you feed both Flake food and...