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  1. prairiefire86

    Pleco Id... Red Pleco?

    Hi, Traded some baby commons for this pleco a few months back. The store owner only knew it as a red pleco. It has a pinkish color. Not a lot of info for reds. Its about 8 inches now. Sorry the picture is dark. Its not a common sailfin. Seen plenty of those to know. What do you think... or do...
  2. prairiefire86

    Common Pleco Laying Eggs Pics

    Hi, I have accidentally breed my common plecos for a about a yr now in my 180 community tank. (Go figure my commons would multiply but no luck with my bristle noses lol) the tank is a 180 gallon planted. They do not use a cave. They just have a area behind my drift wood they dig out. Its sort...
  3. prairiefire86

    Bamboo Shrimp All Turn Red. Why?

    Hi, so not so much a concern rather than a question. My bamboo shrimp all turn red like cherry shrimp a couple weeks after I add them to my 180 gal. They are never red at the stores. I've added to the group later too and same results. I've tested them by putting some new ones in a ten gallon at...
  4. prairiefire86

    Greetings From Iowa. Hope I Am Doing This Right.

    Hello, I am new here although not new to fish keeping. I have a 180 gallon tank, it is 8 ft long. I have it decently planted mostly with some type of amazon sword. To be honest have been meaning to look them up after I killed 1/3 of my tank off by doing a partial water change last spring. Don't...