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  1. CoryLover95

    Selling My 37-Gallon Tank

    Hi, So I have been feeling like my fish tank is too much for me and I'm not enjoying it  .  I feel like a horrible fish owner, but I think the best thing for both of us would be if I went ahead and got rid of the fish.   I'm asking $175, which is about 1/2 of what I paid in the first place, for...
  2. CoryLover95

    Dead Catfish

    Hi, This morning I found an albino cory catfish dead with no apparent reason.  He was up near the heater, so burning is the first thing that comes to my mind?  My Mystery Snail completely consumed him as soon as I discovered his body.  Details below:   Tank size: 37 gallons pH: 7.6 ammonia: 0...
  3. CoryLover95

    Is My Snail Dead?

    Hi, I keep 2 Mystery snails in my tank.  This morning when I went to go feed the fish, I found a snail up at the top of the heater.  I'm not sure if it was floating or had latched on, but there seems to be a large fleshy part torn from the snail and protruding in front of it.  The shell is...
  4. CoryLover95

    Betta In Community Tank?

    Hi, I currently have a 37-gallon community aquarium and a 2.5 gallon betta aquarium.  I'd really like to give my betta more space, but am not sure that it can do well with the other fish in  my tank.  This female betta would be in an aquarium with: 4x Platy 4x Long Fin Red Minor Tetra 11x Neon...
  5. CoryLover95

    'remember Me' Button Not Working

    Hi, Not sure if this is just my stupidity or a problem, but.... (Obviously) the Remember Me button isn't working for me.  Even when I un-select it and select it again, it doesn't remember my login.  Also, in the middle of reading/posting a thread, it will suddenly log me out.  Am I doing...
  6. CoryLover95

    Fin Rot/torn Fins Treatment

    Hi, I have a serpae tetra that I just bought from the pet store a few days ago.  I noticed that its fins are looking ragged, and it seems to have gotten worse over the past day or two.  Do you think this is fin rot?  Or aggression from a tankmate?  I haven't noticed any aggression, but of course...
  7. CoryLover95

    Went To The Aquarium A Few Days Ago...

    Went to our public aquarium in GA on Friday.  It's not huge, but I managed to take some good shots Enjoy!  Tell me which one's your favorite!
  8. CoryLover95

    Consistently High Ph

    Hi, I have had my tank up and running for about 3 or 4 months now, and the pH is consistently at 7.6 or just above.  Should I just give it more time?  The fish don't seem to be having any problems, but I'd like it to be at 7.0 is possible. Thanks! -CL95
  9. CoryLover95

    Will Adding Another Filter Cartridge Mess Up The Bacteria Balance?

    Hi, I have a 37-gallon community tank as well as a10 gallon that I use for quarantine.  I'd like to put a 10 gallon size filter cartridge in the 37-gallon's filter (along with the cartridge for the 37-gallon filter) so I'll have a cycled filter media when I need it.  Will it mess up the bacteria...
  10. CoryLover95

    Good Stands?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good stand to put my 37-gallon aquarium on.  Right now, it's actually in the garage on the floor (very unattractive spot!) because we're in a rental and REALLY don't want to mess up the good carpets.  I've only had the tank for a few months and never got a stand.  But in 6...
  11. CoryLover95

    Can Telanthera Cardinalis Tolerate Straight Co2?

    Hi, I have some common green hardy plants in my fish tank (can't remember the exact names at present :P ) and just added some Telanthera Cardinalis.  I regularly dose my aquarium with liquid CO2.  Can the new plant handle this?  Should I ramp up slowly? Thanks, CoryLover95
  12. CoryLover95

    Video My Tanks--37 Gal., 2.5 Gal.

    Hello!! Here are links to some videos of my tanks--my 37-gallon community tank and 2.5-gallon Betta tank.  Enjoy!   My Betta tank:   And my community aquarium:
  13. CoryLover95

    Posting Pics On Signature

    Hi there, I feel really stupid asking this, do you post pictures in your signature?  I've fiddled around with it for a long time and can't figure it out. Thanks! -CL95
  14. CoryLover95

    Am I Overstocked?

    Hi there, I've had my tank up and running for about 3 months now, and just wanted to do a check to make sure it isn't overstocked.  (My last tank was overstocked and it was TERRIBLE...especially since they were goldfish.  So now I'm extra-cautious about it.)  I have a 140L (37 U.S. gallon) tank...
  15. CoryLover95

    Live Snails>Empty Shells

    Hi there! I started out with 4 Mystery Snails in my 37 gallon tank.  They were all doing well until I found 2 empty shells.  The snails' bodies were nowhere to be found.  Then another snail died, but it was still in its shell (I think it got trapped under something).  I got a new snail to add to...
  16. CoryLover95

    Concern Of Bacteria In Fish Tanks?

    Hi there! I've had coughs and bronchitis off and on ever since I got my big fish tank a few months ago (I've had some small betta/goldfish tanks for a while) and my mom is convinced that it's because I'm fighting off fish bacteria.  She's actually to the point where she's wanting me to get rid...
  17. CoryLover95

    Are My Corys Getting Enough To Eat?

    Hi! I have a small school of Corys; two Albino, two Green.  I have a 37 gallon aquarium with 2 schools of assorted tetras, some Platys, and Gourami.  So my question is...are my Corys getting enough to eat?  I just feel so bad because when feeding time comes all the other fish rush to the top and...
  18. CoryLover95

    How Much Water Do Angelfish Need?

    Hi, I'm not really interested in getting an angelfish at this point, but I was just wondering how much space they need.  Somebody told me that I could have a "small school" in my 37gal.  Is this true?  I kinda thought they needed a lot more... Thanks!
  19. CoryLover95

    Can Corys Tolerate Quick Cure?

    Hi, I have a few fish in my main tank which got ich, luckily none of the Corys yet.  I isolated them and am treating them with AQ Salt and QuICK Cure.  I was going to treat the main aquarium with a half dose (1 drop per 2 gallons) but wanted to make sure it was OK for my Corys.  The bottle says...
  20. CoryLover95

    My 37 Gallon!

    Hi, I have a 37 gallon aquarium that I just aquascaped and stocked recently.  (The plants are really short because LFS didn't carry any big ones.)  It is currently stocked with: 1x Dwarf Gourami 2x Red Wag Platy 4x Long Fin Red Minor Tetra 11x Neon Tetra Enjoy! -CL95