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  1. Jdel27

    Aquarium glass with crack on glass what to do?

    Hi guys, so the other day I left my 5year old with his grandma, only god knows what happened whilst I was gone. But came back and noticed fish were moved around. Basically my son decided to get into the tank and move some fish around with a silver spoon I have now noticed a massive scratch...
  2. Jdel27

    New to platy pregnancy

    Hi all Could you please help identify if this platy is pregnant and maybe how far she got left? She looking a lot more plump then usual. I’m a bit unsure. Thank you
  3. Jdel27

    Pregnant guppy ready to give birth

    Hi all please can you take a look at my female guppy photo and tell me if she looks ready to give birth? As I would like to put her into a breeders box or net.
  4. Jdel27

    How to get aquarium plants to flourish?

    Hi all, I recently ordered some xxl mother plants and I would like to know how I can make my plants flourish and grow better? I have really good lighting but as I’m aware I cannot leave the tank light on for more than 9hours. Is there another way I can get my plants to keep growing and...
  5. Jdel27

    new To guppy pregnancy help

    Hi all it my first time having topical fish and I have some females in my tank. I have 3 guppies and a mollie females in my tank. could you please help me identify if my fish are pregnant? Not sure if and when the fry will be due if they are pregnant. would really appreciate it
  6. Jdel27

    Nitrate levels and pregnant female fish

    Hi guys, I’m trying to really get my tank perfect to normal for my water changes. Please can somebody help me with NO3 please I seem to have a high nitrate. I try not to over feed my tropical fish. Only Once a day. Ammonia. Is good as I have a test kit attached to window. I have plants in my...
  7. Jdel27

    Pregnant guppies

    Hi all. I’ve picked up some live bearers few months ago and suddenly noticed the gravid spots on 3 female guppies. This guppy has the largest bellies, which make me believe she could be pregnant. I can also see some little white dots on the gravid spot. I’ve been trying to read up on pregnant...