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  1. rhapsody32

    Sick Honey Gourami - Buoyancy troubles

    Hi everyone, I have a honey gourami in a 10 gallon with 6 galaxy rasboras. I noticed a week or two ago that he had a bit of a swollen swim bladder, but thought it was normal and I had just not noticed that it looked like that before. He was acting normal, eating and being very responsive when I...
  2. rhapsody32

    Bump or pimple on CPD

    Hi everyone, I have a CPD that is having a strange pimple on his side. I have attached a picture, not the best quality, unfortunately. Those little buggers are swimming too fast for my camera. It is definitely sticking out from his side (and not a hole) and after today's water change it looks...
  3. rhapsody32

    Breeding honey gouramis help

    Hi everyone, Maybe you can help a beginner with some questions on breeding honey gouramis. The backstory: I bought two honeys a few months ago and kept them in a 40l with some ghost shrimp (their population has exploded quite a bit!). I did not have much time watching my fish and if I had, I...
  4. rhapsody32

    Honey or Thick lipped - help!

    Hi everyone, I am new to the Aquarium hobby and recently bought a 10 gallon tank. I was planning to stock it with a pair of honey gouramis and lots of live plants. I bought this little fellow that was sold as a "red robin gourami" at the pet store. A superficial search on the internet revealed...