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  1. BelldandyShanny

    Kribs And Rams

    So, randomly weird question.  I have a 55 long, with a pair of kribs and a pair of gbr, and a nice group of neons.  The kribs have bred several times, but right now they are hanging out on opposite sides of the tank and it looks darn like my male ram is trying to court the female krib.  Is this...
  2. BelldandyShanny

    Sea Monkeys

    So, I got some sea monkeys (well the kid did but I'm going to be doing all the work)  and I'd like them to last a good long while, I intend on letting them be in my three gallon tank.  Has anyone ever tried just keeping them  as pets (with occasional fish snacks) I'll be adding the eggs to the...
  3. BelldandyShanny


    So, I have this compacta, that was one of my first ever real plants, attached to a piece of driftwood, yet with roots kinda going all over the place, and it's getting on the tall side.  Does anyone have suggestions of how to trim it down properly?
  4. BelldandyShanny

    I'm A Shrimp Mommy!

    I just saw my first baby shrimp! I'm so happy!
  5. BelldandyShanny

    Impending Babies!

    two of my rcs girls have berries! yaaaaaay! Imma be a shrimp mommy!    on a semi related note does anyone know of any good shrimp documentaries? like not food shrimp but hobby shrimp or just one of those nature shows about shrimp that shows footage of them swimming around in the wild?
  6. BelldandyShanny

    Kribs Kribs Everywhere!

    So while working on my first batch of kribs I put the parents back in the community tank and was simply amazed to see a new batch pop out yesterday! and now I'm just in shock of how so much GIGANTIC my first batch looks in comparison. I don't know how many will make it as they are in a community...
  7. BelldandyShanny

    Horseface Loach

    Not sure if they are an oddball or not... but Ive certainly never seen them before.  Anyway I picked one up today and was wondering if I could keep it with my cherry shrimp (for now while it's small) so it can eat some scuds and seed shrimp.  Or if it would just rather chase my shrimp.  Thanks...
  8. BelldandyShanny

    My Babies

    it's been a long time coming, but here finally, my first successful spawning, getting bigger!  I'm gonna say there's like 20-30 in there.  Parents are back in the community tank and may very well have another batch in the coconut.  If any make it I will deem them super fish.    They don't really...
  9. BelldandyShanny


    ok so on closer inspection, now that a larger one has emerged from the rocks to frolic  in view I do not have seed shrimp! They are scuds!  I thought they had too many legs to be seed shrimp.   This is an rcs tank so what can I safely put in there to perhaps munch on a few?  I have a couple...
  10. BelldandyShanny

    No Babies!

    Either my cherry shrimps had babies, and are just REALLY good at hiding (I've seen nothing) or I have zero males, because I don't think I've even seen any berried ladies in my tank.  It's discouraging.  Though yesterday we finally got our sink fixed and I was able to do a much needed water...
  11. BelldandyShanny

    Made The Leap To Microworms

    so now that I have a tank full of kirblettes I figured I'd start feeding some live food and got myself a microworm starter which is now on it's way to spewing forth millions of worms.  I know nothing about this really, just what I read on google.  I guess I'll need to look into getting a second...
  12. BelldandyShanny

    Cute Photo Op

    Just happened to notice that one of my kuhlis was chilling out in a large vacant snail shell! and it's pretty cute! best pics I could get...
  13. BelldandyShanny

    True Breeding Guppies

    Just a curiosty, does anyone have any true breeding guppies? I want to get some, but don't want to say start my own line breeding program or anything, just want to get some that already mostly come out true so I can have matching guppies instead of random piles of mutt guppies.  So just wanted...
  14. BelldandyShanny

    Celestial Danio, Galaxy Rasbora

    I've been looking around online and the pictures look the same, so... are celestial danios and galaxy rasboras the same fish with two names? or is there actually a difference? I think they're so cute
  15. BelldandyShanny


    I just got my python in the mail, and O M G I don't know how I ever lived without it! cleaning the tank went from thousands of bucket trips and about an hour to hose right to sink and about 15 minutes! weeeeee!  
  16. BelldandyShanny

    Add A Betta?

    Hello everyone, my current stocking is this 55 Gallon: 8 Neons, 6 Cherry barbs, 2 SAE, 6 Kuhli loaches, 2 blue rams, 2 kribs, 1 bn bleco, 1 pearl gourami   would I be able to add a betta to the mix?   (I do plan on adding in some guppies once I can order the special ones I want!)
  17. BelldandyShanny

    Unscheduled Rescape

    So, while I was hunting down and catching my yoyos (who have turned out to be too much of a bully gang) I had to tear town my tank just to be able to get them.  I'm happy with the result however and I have more plants due to arrive within the week.   My question is though when people have very...
  18. BelldandyShanny


    I got him, they finally got in a shipment! isn't he pretty?  Gimp my bn is saying hi
  19. BelldandyShanny


    well I did it, I took the plunge and ordered myself some fire red cherry shrimp, and I'm so looking forward to having the little critters!
  20. BelldandyShanny

    White Stuff On Ram

    I'm fairly certain it's not ick, not positive though, so far it's the only fish affected but he has white dots just around his eyes and like in the middle of his forehead area they look taller and more like a wart than ick typically does.  Sorry my pictures aren't fantastic but unlike his usual...