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  1. HCpetraitis

    Help! Giant Red Blob Hanging Off My Molly!

    ok shes still doing good. I'll watch out for the signs but she seems pretty good. It came in a little more today... Hopefully thats good!
  2. HCpetraitis

    Help! Giant Red Blob Hanging Off My Molly!

    She is still alive and she doesn't look in pain. She is swimming around with her brother( mate) and the blob has started going back in... i dont know if this is good but i sure hope it is!
  3. HCpetraitis

    Help! Giant Red Blob Hanging Off My Molly!

    Shes still alive and the sad part is it has come way farther out. :( I feel bad because I'm way too much of a wimp to euthanise her. I just can't! :/
  4. HCpetraitis

    Help! Giant Red Blob Hanging Off My Molly!

    Alright. I hate this kind of news. :( But thank you very much. She was always a happy fish. But do you know what could have caused this?
  5. HCpetraitis

    Help! Giant Red Blob Hanging Off My Molly!

    I have no idea what this is. It can't be a baby because it is still hanging there. It is like really redish clear. It can't be poop because again its just hanging there. I'm really worried because for two weeks now I've had a terrible case of fin rot in my tank. I have been treating it with all...
  6. HCpetraitis

    Fry Updates

    Beautiful fry!
  7. HCpetraitis

    Tetras ?

    I would like to add zebras. There are 5 of them
  8. HCpetraitis

    Tetras ?

    I was wondering if tetras are suitable to be with platies, mollies, a pleco, and a leopard catfish.
  9. HCpetraitis

    English Mastiff

    We found a dog named Bailey. She is 2-3 years old and is a very happy but shy dog. The adoption is pending! :D
  10. HCpetraitis

    English Mastiff

    I also thought about Mae because my friend has a chocolate lab named Molly Mae. So I was thinking something along the lines of Hattie Mae or something. Any suggestions?
  11. HCpetraitis

    My Cats

    I really wanted a rag doll too! I love their eyes! :)
  12. HCpetraitis

    My Dogs

    This was my Mastiff Izzy, She passed away last year but this pic was from like 2 years ago. She was a big girl. And WOW did she snore!
  13. HCpetraitis

    English Mastiff

    Hi everyone. Yesterday my family decided on getting another dog. We had a mastiff in 2008 but we had to put her to sleep because she had cancer. :( We have decided on getting another Mastiff but really I was just wondering if you guys have any advice or tricks or anything that would help me...
  14. HCpetraitis

    Clear Water.

    If what Oldman says doesn't work, (no offense old man) they have water clearer that you can buy at most LFSs
  15. HCpetraitis

    Found More Fry Yay

    Congratz! How many are there now?
  16. HCpetraitis

    Blue Platy!?

    Those are all blue platys but after many breedings theres darker and lighter blues.
  17. HCpetraitis


    Well, I know this might sound kinda stupid but I alwasy wanted to know too. Because I have had cases where the brother and the sister bred and had curved spine babies. But, other times the in bred babies and the strongest of my group! It really depends on time. After years and years of the same...
  18. HCpetraitis


    Well, right now I kinda don't have room for a seperate female tank. I'm working on expanding for the fry and moms. :) But, thanks everyon. They are all growing and shockingly.... NO DEATHS so far! I have 4 white mollies and 3 hi fin left!!! :D
  19. HCpetraitis

    Big Mama Gave Birth Again! :)

    Wow! thats great! Sounds like you have everything planned out! :)